Frontline Socialist Party to stage Protest Demonstrations Against Budget; FSP “guarantees” to “invade the streets before the Budget is finalised” to express its “disappointment in the newly implemented economic principles” says Duminda Nagamuwa

BY Buwanajee Coralage

Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) activist Duminda Nagamuwa, addressing the media yesterday (20), said that, as the workers’ struggle centre, the FSP “guarantees” to “invade the streets before the Budget is finalised” to express its “disappointment in the newly implemented economic principles”.

“Before the Budget is approved on 8 December, we guarantee to fire the first shot of disapproval at the new economic principles brought forward by it along with all trade unions in the country,” Nagamuwa further said.

He asserted: “All these recent governments have been running on the concept of them consuming resources and the public paying the bill. Even in the face of this crisis, it isn’t those who stole our money who are paying the price for it, but us, the general, working public.

“When considering the new Budget proposals, it has burdened 99% of the general public while providing privileges for the minority 1% of the rich, thieves, and conmen; all these proposals have been targeted at the already penalised and impoverished working class.”
Claiming that the new Budget proposals are meant to benefit the public, but to cater to the very rich percentile of society, he stated that this Budget contains the conspiracies that have been in the works for years with the involvement of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank (WB) so as to violate the labour laws currently in place to benefit such parties.

“When considering mainly, it states a need to bring about a single labour law. It outright seems like a technical matter, but behind this is a major conspiracy against the working people of this country, which has been in the works for many years. It has been the agenda of the IMF, the WB, and many prominent figures in the country to merge the current labour laws and restructure them to violate all labour rights mainly pertaining to the private sector employees,” he said.

Reasoning further he alleged: “Now they are planning to provide employees with insurance that was never asked for, just so that they could get their hands on the Employee Trust Fund (ETF). We guarantee that we will take to the streets before the Budget is passed and finalised.”

Courtesy:The Morning