Protesters Urge Sajith Premadasa and SJB Members to Move Past the Human Barricade Set up by Police to Block Protest March but Sajith and SJB Abandon Protest and Climb into their vehicles to leave amidst Jeers

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa and several members from the SJB were today seen leaving the anti government protest site after they failed to move past the human barricade set up by the police.

Much to the displeasure of the protestors who were seen urging Premadasa and the SJB members to move past the human barricade, the opposition Leader and opposition members were seen getting into their vehicles and leaving the protest site to maintain calm and non violence.

The protestors however showing their displeasure, even went as far as to asking why Premadasa had arrived at the scene if he could not move past the police human barricade.

Some protestors had also jeered at him and the other opposition members as they were seen leaving the area.
The protest ended peacefully a short while ago with police re-opening the routes towards Fort from the Technical Junction.

Courtesy:Daily Mirror