Inebriated State Minister from Political Family pulls out Personal Pistol and Shoots in air Bringing Part of the Ceiling down Injring one at Party hosted for new State Ministers by President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s Brother Channa Wickremesinghe

(Excerpted from the “Ceylon Politics”Column in “Ceylon Today” by Gagani Weerakoon)

Channa Wickremesinghe, younger brother of President Ranil Wickremesinghe, hosted a party for State Ministers who recently assumed duties. A majority of the invitees were in attendance.
As the night grew many State Ministers who attended the wine and dine session appeared overly inebriated. A State Minister who hailed from a political family was quite ‘high’ and was seen being very vocal and animated.

Channa Wickremesinghe was in for a shock when the State Minister suddenly pulled out his personal pistol and shot in air bringing down part of the ceiling down. The host was then compelled to rush one of his friends, who were in attendance, to the hospital as he was injured after part of the ceiling fell on him.

Courtesy:Ceylon Today