“The Next Objective of the “Aragalaya” (Struggle)Must be to Build a new Leadership and send 100 Brand New Faces to Parliament” suggests Dr. Pathum Kerner of “Gota Go Home”Protest Fame

The next objective of the “aragalaya” (struggle) should be to build new leaders to be sent to Parliament, stated “aragalaya” leaders.

Dr. Pathum Kerner, a prominent figure amidst the “GotaGoHome” campaign, which sought to hold former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa accountable for his perceived mistakes, said that the next struggle should be to build new leaders to be sent to Parliament.
“The country is the most valuable. Let’s make 100 brand-new faces. It’s up to you. Before the next vote, prepare your leadership,” he urged the public on social media.’

Meanwhile, a satyagraha protest titled “black hour” was organised against the Government urging the latter to step down at the Diyatha Uyana yesterday (7).

Elsewhere, in the backdrop of key members of the “aragalaya” reorganising themselves for another commitment, President Ranil Wickremesinghe blamed frontline groups for turning violent from within the “aragalaya” or the people’s protests.

“The youth of this country demanded change without taking up arms. But, continuing such peaceful struggles is not easy and the frontline groups started turning violent from within the struggle. Eventually, the youth left the struggle and the violent protestors took charge. Between 9 and 13 July, they stopped State governance and attempted to take over the Parliament.
“When they did not succeed, the struggle faded. Due to the bad side of the struggle, even the good that came about was forgotten,” said the President at the United National Party’s (UNP) 76th anniversary held at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium in Colombo on Tuesday (6).

The President invited all political parties to join without any differences and said that it is not for him but for the next generation to succeed in the programme of building a powerful country.

Among those who have been targeted in the recent spate of arrests of the “aragalaya” protest movement’s members is Catholic priest Fr. Amila Jeewantha Peiris. Fr. Peiris has filed a petition in court seeking protection from arrest but said: “We always remained peaceful and non-violent. However, they are now targeting all the protest co-ordinators and accusing us of committing terrorist acts, which is false. This President is undemocratic.”

The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) said that accountability and deep reforms must be implemented in order to prevent human rights violations from recurring in this country. This is stated in the report released by the said office.

According to the report, the new Government of Sri Lanka should engage in a national dialogue to advance human rights and reconciliation.

Courtesy:The Morning