Police Storm Into Press Conference Held at CSR in Maradana to Protest Against Detention of Three IUSF Activists Stating they Want to Arrest Eranga Gunasekara the National Organiser of the Socialist Youth Union without possessing a Valid Arrest Warrant

BY Aloka Kasturiarachchi

The Police raided a press conference called by the Inter University Student Federation at the CSR in Maradana yesterday (23).

The press conference was called to mark the united opposition of political parties, trade unions, public organisations and social activists against the detention of the three student leaders, Wasantha Mudalige, Galwewa Siridhamma Thera and Hashan Jeevantha, using the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

When Ceylon Today inquired about the situation from the Educational Secretary of Frontline Socialist Party (FSP), Pubudu Jagoda, he said the Police forcefully stormed the place saying that they wanted to arrest Eranga Gunasekara, National Organiser of the Socialist Youth Union. However, the Police officers did not have any valid documents related to the arrest, he said.

He said the Police had to retreat due to strong opposition from the representatives who came to the press conference.

“By breaking into press conferences like this, it is sure they are trying to create fear and terror in society. From that point of view, we can see that the terrorists are Ranil Rajapaksa and the gang that hides behind him. Not the people fighting for their lives, for their fair rights,” he said.

Courtesy:Ceylon Today