Immigration Dept Grants Scottish National Kayleigh Fraser a Grace Period to Leave Sri Lanka Following the Dismissal of het Writ Application Against her Deportation Order by the Court of Appeal

BY Buwanajee Coralage

Scottish national Kayleigh Fraser, who participated in the “aragalaya” (struggle) in Sri Lanka, will be given time to leave the country, said the Department of Immigration and Emigration, following yesterday’s (16) dismissal by the Court of Appeal of her writ petition filed challenging her deportation by the Department over alleged visa violations.

The Media Spokesperson of the Department, speaking to The Morning yesterday, noted that the court had dismissed the petition on the grounds that the individual lacked the authority to file such action against the decision taken by the Department, in which she had named the Controller General of Immigration and Emigration as a respondent to the petition.

“The petition filed by Fraser was dismissed today by the court, as she lacked the authority to file such a petition against the decision taken by the Department.”

Following this dismissal of the case, Fraser has been instructed to depart from Sri Lanka as soon as possible, but it was informed that the Department has allowed her a grace period to leave the country.
The petition was filed on 12 August by the Scottish national requesting the court to issue an order preventing her deportation to her country and seeking the revocation of the cancellation of her visa period.

Fraser, who was granted resident visa for medical purposes, had, it was revealed, also engaged in business activities, in addition to her anti-Government activism on social media.

Courtesy:The Morning