Religious and Civil Society Leaders including Omalpe Sobhitha Thero and Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith Sign “senkadagala Statement” at Queens Hotel Kandy;6 Key Demands Include Resignation of President Rajapaksa, Setting up of all Party Interim Govt and Time Frame for Fresh Parliament and President Elections

A host of multi-religious and civil society leaders yesterday signed a six-point resolution calling on the President Gotabaya Rajapaksa-led Government to step down immediately.

Titled ‘Senkadagala Statement’, multi-religious and civil society leaders pledged their support to establish an all-party Government and to help Sri Lanka to seek international aid and provide relief to people suffering from the worst economic crisis in its history.

The statement includes six key demands including; the President should resign unconditionally, establish an interim Government comprising all parties, and present a definite timeframe for parliamentary and presidential elections by an all-party consensus Government.

The ‘Senkadagala Statement’ which was signed at the Queens Hotel, Kandy by a host of participants was then presented to the Chief Prelates of Asgiri and Malwathu Chapters collectively.

Religious leaders pointed out that a clear and transparent change of Government is important to gain the trust of the international community and to seek and get aid in order to end the suffering of the people.

“President Rajapaksa and his Prime Minister who was appointed via a ‘palatial conspiracy’ should resign immediately. The thousands of crowds that are coming into the street today will only scream at the President Rajapaksa-led Government to resign immediately heeding the public opinion,” Ven. Dr. Omalpe Sobhitha Thero told journalists near the memorable statue of Weera Kappetipola in Kandy, yesterday.

He also said that everyone taking to the streets today is to kick out the corrupt Government. “The country needs freedom and liberation. We can no longer live divided, enslaved, and go to the streets for justice,” Ven. Sobhitha added.

Archbishop of Colombo Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith also said Cardinal also said the corrupt political culture should come to an end, whilst bringing in new change to the country.

“We need a new direction for this country and a future without political corruption. This Government was only concerned about securing power without any plan, by dividing people with their ethnicities and religion,” he claimed.

Courtesy:Daily FT