Ranil Outlines plan in Parliament for the next couple of months to ensure food security in Country:. “I have already made arrangements to ensure that citizens will not be left hungry despite the severe economic crisis” says Prime Minister

I can assure that Sri Lanka will not face a shortage of food in the future and I have already made arrangements to ensure that citizens will not be left hungry despite the severe economic crisis, says Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe.

He made this statement while speaking in Parliament and in response to the doubts raised by Our Power of People Party (OPPP) Bikkhu MP Athuruliye Rathana Thero who stated that no assurance has been given by the Government of food security and whether by next month people would face starvation.

“This is my plan for the next couple of months to ensure food security. Let’s grow together and let’s bring victory to Sri Lanka is a campaign I plan on initiating. This will be a national programme to support local cultivations. We also intend to encourage people to cultivate food that they can at home and support small cultivations and farmers. Under the Indian credit line we are to receive 40,000MT of rice and this will be distributed amongst low income families. Apart from this, we are working closely with the Ministry of Agriculture to segregate 50 million rupees to convert paddy to rice. We also have a credit line with India for essential foods such as rice, sugar, corn, corn flour, onions, dhal, chickpeas, dry chillies, potatoes, garlic and milk powder and this will be for an amount of USD 112 million,” he said.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Wickremesinghe stated that funds have also been allocated for special nutrition for pregnant mothers, breastfeeding mothers, cancer patients and those with terminal illnesses.

“Under the first instalment which is to be given to Sri Lanka from the World Bank, USD 400 million has been allocated for the next 4 months for the nutrition of the country. We also intend to give a concessional rate for essential goods for those with Kidney disease. China has extended its support to provide meals for over 10,000 schools in Sri Lanka,” he further noted.

Touching upon the subject of the shortage of fuel, the Prime Minister stated that the prices of fuel would increase by this week and that was only due to the hike in prices of crude oil.
“Within the next 3 months, we have plans and we are doing our best to bring the country out of this crisis. As for the fertiliser issue, by next week a decision will be made along with the Ministry of Agriculture.

I would also like to remind the parliament that in preparation for the Yala and Maha harvest, Urea has been provided to the farmers and we will continue to ensure the supply is given continuously. We are also making arrangements to bring down organic fertiliser and that will happen in the near future,” he noted.

Wickremesinghe additionally mentioned that the Food Security committee has been appointed to ensure food security and all other parliamentarians should support the cause to uplift the country.

Courtesy:The Morning