Attacks on Peaceful Protesters by SLPP Govt Supporters Condemned by USA and Germany Ambssadors and UK and Canada High Commissioners , World Bnk Country Director and UN Special Rapporteur

Several countries via their diplomats condemned yesterday’s violent attacks by supporters of ruling Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) on peaceful protestors.

The British High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Sarah Hulton in a tweet said: “Strongly condemn the violence against peaceful protestors today. The authorities have a responsibility to safeguard citizens’ rights to protest peacefully and to hold the perpetrators of violence to account.”

The US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Julie J. Chung in her tweet said: “We condemn the violence against peaceful protestors today and call on the government to conduct a full investigation, including the arrest and prosecution of anyone who incited violence. Our sympathies are with those injured today and we urge calm and restraint across the island.”

Canadian High Commissioner David McKinnon tweeted: “I condemn the perpetrators of today’s violence in #SriLanka against peaceful protestors. They must held to account. Violence is never the answer. Restraint is key, particularly in such volatile circumstances.”

German Ambassador Holger Seubert also tweeted: “Current developments hurt my heart. What used to be an example of a well-functioning democracy – people peacefully exercising their right to free speech – has turned into tense confrontation. I call on all sides for calm and restraint. Violence is no solution, to neither side!”

World Bank Country Director for Sri Lanka Faris H. Hadad-Zervos also joined in expressing concern. In his tweet he said: “We are deeply concerned with the perpetration of violence in #SriLanka. Those responsible are only standing in the way of the country’s immediate economic recovery and making the task even more difficult for development partners.”

UN special rapporteur Mary Lawlor said she had heard: “disturbing reports… of repression and disproportionate use of force against peaceful demonstrators who are protesting against allegations of corruption and widespread impunity in Government”.

Courtesy:Daily FT