Buddhist Clergy Intervenes in Politics Again; Sangha Convention Passes Decree Demanding the Resignation of Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Setting up of an all party Interm Govt; threatens rejection of all politcians if Mahnda Does not step down

A Sangha Convention held at the Independence Square yesterday (30 April) called on Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa to step down to facilitate a smooth transition of power to an all-party interim government, aimed at creating political stability, rebuilding public faith in governance, and facilitating economic recovery.

The decree of the Sangha Convention calling for the Prime Minister’s resignation was read out at the Independence Square by Ven. Ogalanwatte Chandrasiri Thera.

Chandarasiri Thera stated that the Prime Minister should step down from his post to facilitate the creation of the all-party interim government, which the Mahanayakes of the three Buddhist Chapters had recommended as a way forward from the current crisis.

He stated that the Sangha Convention and the Buddhist Chapters would release a decree condemning and rejecting all politicians if the Prime Minister did not step down from his post.

Ven. Chandrasiri Thera stressed the need for the Executive Presidency to be abolished and the Legislature to be strengthened through well-thought-out and deliberated constitutional changes.

Courtesy: The Morning