The Rambukkana Tragedy points to the deadly process of bad governance that has been the hallmark of bad Rajapaksa Governance under Gotabaya Direction. This is the stuff of deadly misgovernance which has brought the call for “Gota Go Home”.


Lucien Rajakarunanayake

The President’s new appointments as Cabinet and State Ministers has caused some political confusion and issues of power sharing. But, he must be glad that one woman, State Minister, Geetha Kumarasinghe, with whatever her performance abilities, has asked the people to quickly stop the call for “Gota Go Home”.

These words keep echoing at Galle Face and every other place that anti-Gota and anti-Pohottuva protests are taking place. Calling for silence on ‘Gota Go Home’ shows total ignorance of the Gotabaya performance, from the time he came to a position of power in the Mahinda Rajapaksa presidency, as Secretary/Defence.

Should the people forget the Rathupaswala tragedy when people, asking for drinking water, were shot at? Should we forget the Chilaw tragedy when those who sought kerosene for boats that go fishing were shot at? Must we also forget the young women at Katunayake trading centres who were shot at on protests on retirement income?

Just keep remembering that all these were when Gota was the Secretary/Defence in a Rajapaksa governance. Does the “Gota Go Home” call of today may not recall all that State violence of Rajapaksa misgovernance?

Geetha Kumarasinghe and any others who have gained some “power” in the new shake up of a what is a shattered government, must also not know or have easily forgotten about the killing of journalist Lasantha Wickrematunga, the attacks on several other journalists, and how Prageeth Ekneligoda, went missing to this day.

All of this is the bloody stuff of Gota Power – Gota Balaya.
Today, so soon after the new Cabinet and State Ministers were sworn in, we have the new bloody record of Rambukkana, where the bloody Gota Balaya has once again shown its ability to make a mockery of good governance, and repulsive handling of the Police.

The Magistrate, who is carrying out the initial investigations into the Rambukkana tragedy, has raised strong questions on the Police misperformance in this probe. Think of coming to a Magistrate without a “B” Report where a killing has taken place?

Don’t the Police know the basics of a probe, or is it the Gota Thinking?
How dare the Police seek to alter the formal legal text of a document presented to a magistrate?

Isn’t this also Gota Thinking?

And, how is the Attorney General seeking to appear for the Police, when no case has been filed so far?

All of this in the Rambukkana Tragedy, points to the deadly process of bad governance that has been the hallmark of bad Rajapaksa Governance under Gotabaya Direction. This is the stuff of bad and also deadly misgovernance, which has brought the call for “Gota Go Home”.

The Rambukkana Tragedy, under Gotabaya Power, has come three years after the Easter Sunday disaster, where nearly 300 were killed, many more injured, churches hugely damaged, which posed a deadly anti-religious violence, with bloodshed among both Muslims and Catholics. The Catholic clergy and Muslim religious activists of the day certainly prevented that violence.

But the Rambukkana Tragedy, where the role of Police Play is raising many questions, as well as calls for the armed forces to help control largely peaceful protests, raises many new concerns about the security of the State and the process of governance, under the Rajapaksa Dominance that remains, although three Rajapaksas are not in the Cabinet of Ministers.

The main opposition – SJB – led by Sajith Premadasa, and other parliamentary groups are now making proposals for constitutional changes, that will essentially get rid of the pro-Gotabaya 20th Amendment, go back to a better amended 19th Amendment, and many aspects of a better democracy, possibly removing the Executive Presidency.

A wider debate on such proposals are the very stuff of good democracy. But such debates cannot ignore the presence of Gota Power Play in the country today. “Gota Go Home” is the call of the people, pushed into a huge tragedy of human and economic situations, caused by the Gota Play in all aspects of governance.

“Gota Go Home” should remain the call of the people, with a determination to bring an end to the Gota Power Play of today, with the bloodshed in Rambukkana!

Courtesy:The Island