The people who are protesting with the call for ‘Gota Go Home” are seeking a true democracy in Sri Lanka. They are calling for a big move away from the JR Jayewardene constitution which enabled Gotabaya to bring the Country o this position.


Lucien Rajakarunanayake

“Gota Go Home” – goes far beyond a simple call to go home.

It is a combination of the evils of power and family bandyism that has moved him and the Rajapaksa family to the evils of both politics and governance.

The crowds in their hundreds and thousands, with no political party leadership, but the lead of the heart-felt pain of queues for flour and bread, petrol and diesel, the long waits for unavailable essentials, and the clear availability of all this for the catchers of governance – maybe MPs or Ministers, even those in secretarial positions, and the catchers of political power – the Pohottuva Players of today.

What is happening in Sri Lanka today requires a deeper study of the call for ‘Gota Go Home”. There are many more to be sent home, and kept there for the rest of their lives, for what has brought this power of crooked politics.
When will we begin to hear the people add their calls to “Wimal Go Home”, “Udaya Go Home” and also “Vasu Go Home”. This is an echo of the current political call of the people. These are people – politicians – who were against Dual Citizens being Members of Parliament, but were glad to accept a Gota promise and vote for the 20th Amendment to the Constitution – which enabled Dual Basil to come to parliament and be Finance Minister, too.

We are now in the call for the 20th Amendment to be totally removed. It removed the 19A to which all these people voted for in the Yahapalana days, but shamelessly threw away all the benefits of 19A, and gave Gotabhaya Rajapaksa all the powers of a dictator in this democratic country.

Is this the time to think of just one non-politician – Gotabaya, from service officer, to US citizen, non-Sri Lankan citizen, Dual Citizen and a presidential candidate with no political experience in a democracy?

“Gota Go Home” is a slogan that calls for much bigger political change in this country. We are seeing huge mockeries of both democracy and governance. We saw a former Minister of Justice, being appointed Minister of Finance, to cover the escape of “Kaputa Basil”, and then see Mr. Ali Sabry resign in less than a day. One is glad that Mr. Sabry has apologised to the people. Does Gota accept that apology?

Can Gotabaya or Mahinda or Basil or any other Rajapaksa, ever have such an apology?

Not ever likely!

There are many huge Rajapaksa losses to the country and people, which demand much more than a simple apology. Just think of the Hambantota Port, the Mattala Rajapaksa Airport, the Sports Grounds at Hambantota and also that huge Lotus Tower in Colombo. What and how much or many apologies could make up for all this?

“Gota Go Home” also reminds us of the many Rajapaksa-related tragedies and pain that the people of Sri Lanka faced, under the years of Mahinda Power and Gota Support. Can we forget the murder of Lasantha Wickrematunga, and the attacks on several other journalists, and the forever missing journalist Prageeth Ekneligoda, when Gota of Power President today was the Gota of Power Secretary to President Mahinda?

The people who are protesting with the call for ‘Gota Go Home” are certainly seeking a true democracy in Sri Lanka. They are certainly calling for a big move away from the JR Jayewardene constitution, which enabled the 20th Amendment to bring Gotabaya to the anti-democratic position he is in, and took the country away from the democratic process, with shortcomings it had, through the last 74 years.

It is the time for the people to make the 75th anniversary of Independence, a true celebration of democracy in this country. A celebration that will see the country and people free from the forces of so-called “American Democrats” and the Gota-Basil Rajas, with the Mahinda, Chamal and Namal players.

Let the voice of the people be louder in the call for Freedom and true People Power as the celebrations of Avurudu take place, with a commitment to push Gota Power away! Let’s Keep all these Power Players at home!

Courtesy: The Island