Newly Appointed Finance Minister Ali Sabry Resigns within 24 Hours and Offers to give up his National List seat if President Rajapaksa wants to seek competent and credible person even from outside Parliament to be Finance Minister

Top lawyer Ali Sabry yesterday stepped down as Finance Minister as well as offered to give up his National Listseat, giving options to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa to appoint a suitable and credible successor.

Sabry who was appointed only on Monday became the shortest serving Finance Minister via his voluntary action. He resigned after tabling the IMF Article 4 Consultation report in Parliament.

In his letter to President Rajapaksa, Sabry said that it was not his intention to take up any post after he resigned as Justice Minister on Sunday. However, to maintain parliamentary democracy and stability and constitutional governance, in light of multitude of requests made by the business community, professionals and some of Cabinet colleagues, he decided to accepted the post of Finance Minister only as an interim measure until a suitable, full time and sustainable solution could be found.

However, after much reflection and deliberation, and taking into consideration the current situation, Sabry said he was of the view that for the President to make suitable interim arrangements to navigate the unprecedented crisis, fresh and proactive and unconventional steps need to be taken including the appointment of a new Finance Minister.

“In order to facilitate such an appointment, I hereby tender my resignation from the post of Minister of Finance with immediate effect. If your Excellence wishes to appoint a person suitable to handle the situation from outside the current Parliament, I am willing to step down from my Parliamentary seat to enable Your Excellency to make such an appointment,” Sabry said in his letter.

Whilst expressing regret over the inconvenience caused, Sabry said he believes he has always acted in the best interests of the country and at this crucial juncture the country needs stability to weather the current financial crisis and difficulties.

“It is my fervent hope that those who love our country will understand the enormous challenges and the realities on the ground and will act with responsibility and diligence without further escalating the present crisis,” Sabry added.

Courtesy:Daily FT