Raided Colombo website resumes function from July 2nd

Sri Lanka’s popular website,, extends its heartiest gratitude to the US and Indian embassies, the European Union, political parties, parliamentarians, media organizations and various other groups who have come forward and mediated in securing the release of the arrested editor and other staff of the website and for defending the right to information.

We will resume our functions today (July 02) at our office, and we categorically deny claims that the premises has been sealed.

Our editor and other staff were arrested by the CID, purportedly for having committed an offence under clauses 115, 118 and 120 of the Penal Code.

However, clause 118 of the Penal Code has been revised by clause two of the amendment act no. 12 of 2002.

Also, we categorically deny the allegation that editorial had supplied news to

Despite there being a difficulty in updating our website, since the CID has seized several of our computers, we will continue to bring the truth to you impartially in the future as well.

(Text of statement by editorial)