Political aspirational document of Indian Origin Tamil Srilankans Known as “Malayaha Thamils” has been finalised Announces TPA leader Mano Ganesan MP; Will be Submitted to all Stake holders Commencing From President Rajapaksa Followed by Indian PM Narendra Modi

Text of a Press Commuique Issued by the Media Office of the Tamil Progressive Alliance on February 22nd 2022)

Tamil Progressive Alliance (TPA) & Civil Activists finalized the political aspirational document of Indian Origin Tamil Srilankans, aka Malayaha Thamils, TPA leader Mano Ganesan MP announced after conclusion of the discussion he chaired yesterday in Colombo.

Ganesan further said, “We are looking inward towards full pledged Srilankanism. The political, cultural, economic and social spheres of our people shall be brought into Srilankan political and administrative structure. There are areas where large holes remain where our people are sidelined, discriminated, ignored and disregarded in the national mainstream. This regretful reality should change. We will work with all the parties that including the government to achieve our community’s Srilankan goal”

The document compiles our anguishes and remedy appeals. We will submit the document to all the stake holders. It will commence by our submission to president Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Thereafter, we will submit it to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as India is the signatory to the first three pacts entered between the leaders of Sri Lanka and India in 1954, 1964 & 1974 those decided or lives. Further, we will take it up with Her Majesty’s government of the United Kingdom, which, we believe as a large share in the sets of obligation arise out of the complied anguishes of Indian Origin Tamil Srilankans.

We will submit and conduct talks with leader of opposition and all the political, social & community leaders in SriLanka. We plan to visit Tamilnadu to meet TN Chief Minister and other political parties.