Susil Premjayantha was Sacked from his Post Due to a State Intelligence Service Report Against the State Minister and not Because of his Fertilizer Ban Comments alone Says SLPP Parliamentarian Tissa Kuttiarachchi

Sacked Sri Lanka Minister Susil Premajayantha has called for a probe whether he was spied upon by intelligence agents after a ruling party member claimed the sacking came in the wake of spy reports.

Premjayantha was sacked shortly after he commented on the fertilizer ban which had put the agriculture sector in crisis at an impromptu interview while he was shopping at a weekly fair.

“I am asking those in senior positions of the government to conduct a probe, on how this member of parliament got access to this intelligence report,” Minister Premjayantha told reporters Thursday.

Tissa Kuttiarachcchi, a legislator from the ruling Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) had told reporters that Premajayantha was sacked not just because of the fertilizer ban comments, but also based on intelligence reports.

“There is a thing called the state intelligence service,” he said. “It was based on some information from the intelligence service, and related information that Minister Susil Premajayantha was removed.

“It was not just because of what he said at the Delkanda fair.”

“This is a serious (barapathala) statement,” “There is no need for intelligence units to chase after people like me,” Minister Premjayantha said.

“They should go to street corners and find out what people say in gas queues, kerosene queues and when shopping. Find why it happened. Find out why farmers are protesting and then give reports so that the government can provide solutions.

“There is no need for intelligence agents to chase after me. I will say what I have to say in the open.”

Courtesy:Economy Next