The “Maha Mola” Basil has gone home to the United States, also the home of the New Fortress – Sri Lanka company. The Dual Citizen will celebrate Christmas and New Year there and possibly Aluth Avurudda next April here.


Lucien Rajakarunanayake

The Budget for the next year has been passed, and the Festive Season is the stuff of politics today.

Is the stuff of politics the absence of politicians?

Now, don’t take wrong shots. President Gotabaya went abroad for a medical check-up. How can he be sure of a good medical check -up here when there are frequent power cuts, and our health services are fast on the decline?

We must pay more, even with a shortage of foreign currency, to keep our President healthy, which is the real Saubhagya for its teacher and preacher.

Alright, then what about the Finance Minister, Basil Lokka, the seven-brained thinker, going abroad?Come on, he made sure the Budget was passed with a two-thirds plus majority in Parliament. Doesn’t he deserve a good holiday. Don’t forget that his one-month holiday is a little shorter than the prorogation of Parliament.

Are you telling me that the prorogation of Parliament was to give a real holiday season to the politicos?

Why not, don’t they deserve it? After all the nonsense that most of them, especially in government, had to speak about in the Budget debate, especially when the Finance Minister was largely absent.

One more thing … The Maha Mola Basil has gone home to the United States, also the home of the New Fortress – Sri Lanka company.

Surely, Sri Lanka cannot be a country that refuses an end of the year, festive season, home holiday to a Dual Citizen. He will celebrate Christmas and New Year there, and possibly Aluth Avurudda next April here.

But what about the new burden imposed on Foreign Minister GL Peiris, having to be the acting Finance Minister?

Come on, that is only a festive burden. GLP is known to be one who always carries the burdens of his leaders, and not of the people. This ever-willing Burden Bearer has been given a truly heavy, festive burden…with cheers and joy all round.

But what about the other Cabinet Ministers, State Ministers, Govt. MPs and some Opposition MP.s too, who are moving abroad?

Don’t forget they are going for festive holidays abroad only to help the people here, at home.

But Why?

Many of them have their families abroad, their children are studying and/or working abroad. Their going abroad now will certainly ease the burden on our people to obtain rice, flour, sugar, chicken and vegetables for home life or festive celebrations here.. They are certainly thinking of the people, their voters, over here.

But what about then foreign exchange to all of them – many travelling with wives and children too?

Surely our politicos – especially in government – are not so ignorant about foreign exchange. They must have made arrangements with our embassies in the UK, US, France, Germany, Russia or any other location, to have a few official meetings with citizens, business bodies, state departments in those countries, while on holiday there. Just two or three days within one whole month is enough for the necessary foreign exchange to be taken from here. That is the stuff of beneficial politics.

Don’t forget it could be a life-saving holiday, too. There will be no gas explosions wherever they live abroad, not in their hotels or their homes abroad.

You mean these gas blasts are part of the festivity in Sri Lanka?

Why not? Our people should stop spending any money on crackers and fireworks this festive season. Instead they should hope and pray for gas blasts and fires, with Litro providing all the celebratory and crooked power this festive season.

There are stories about some SLPP supporters planning to have special New Year Blasts with the help of Litro gas cylinders – which will be truly celebratory blasts for the coming year, and make people forget the pains that await them in the new year.

You think these gas blasts will also help curb the spread of the Covid-Omicron variant here in 2022?

Who knows? It is said to spread very fast. Our Tourism planners are hoping to get it from Russia and Ukraine. While our political planners must be hoping and planning to put a hold to any elections next year. More gas blasts and the speedy-spread of Omicron will be the answer to the politico-prayers.

The Pohottuva politics of today must be pleading with the powers of justice to blast off all legal challenges to its power.

Just await a blastfull Christmas and a bigger blasting New Year, bringing great joy to the Pohottuva Players of Rajavasala Politics!

Courtesy:The Island