“There have also been some elements who have endeavored to disunite the Tamil National Alliance” says TNA leader Rajavarothayam Sampanthan

(Text of Statement issued by Rajavarothayam Sampanthan Member of Parliament for Trincomalee District and , Leader Tamil National Alliance)

TNA leaders, Members of Parliament, and other functionaries generally reside in their respective districts of the North and East. The Corona Virus has been an impediment to personal meetings and group discussions. This has led to lack of clarity on some matters.

The TNA’s main political objective is the evolution of a political solution through Constitutional measurers of the National Question. The Sovereignty of the peoples who have inhabited the country, meaning their powers of Governance fundamental rights and franchise in the whole country, and in their historical habitation, in keeping with commitments made by the Sri Lankan Government and leaders domestically and internationally, and also in keeping with international Covenants and Instruments which Sri Lanka has accepted. On this fundamental question the TNA has articulated its position quite clearly and is firm.

In regard to some other issues however, lack of joint meetings and discussions has led to some misunderstanding and confusion. There have also been some elements who have endeavored to disunite the TNA. These matters will be discussed amongst all concerned in order to preserve unity.

The country is said to be engaged in the formulation of a new Constitution which is inclusive and all-encompassing. Unity at this critical juncture is fundamental, there must be clarity amongst people, and they should not be confused.

I appeal to everyone to avoid misunderstanding and confusion and to be firm to achieve our main objective within a united an undivided country on the basis of equality justice and dignity.

R. Sampanthan
Member of Parliament
Leader – Tamil National Alliance