Detenues at Anurdhapura Prison Tesify to Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission Representatives the Details of the Incident Concerning Lohan Ratwatte but Jailguards Say they only Provided Security to the State Minister and did not see any such incident


Ruwani Fonseka

The Human Rights Commission in Sri Lanka (HRCSL) visited the Anuradhapura prison on Sep 15 following the incident that took place last Sunday in which Former State Minister of Prisons and Prisoners’ Rehabilitation Lohan Ratwatte was allegedly involved, The Morning learnt.

During this visit, the HRCSL was able to the speak to the prisoners and the jailers at the Anuradhapura Prison Complex.

“The prisoners and jailers had two different things to say.

The prisoners said that the alleged incident involving Ratwatte did happen. Whereas, the jailers said that all they did was provide security to the Minister upon his arrival at the complex,” HRCSL Commissioner Dr Nimal Karunasiri told The Morning.

When queried whether the jailers deny that the incident had occurred, Dr Nimal stated that the jailers had claimed not to have seen the alleged incident as the jailers were “going around the jail ensuring security protocols for the minister were in place,”

Additionally, Dr Karunasiri went on to say that a conclusion cannot be decided upon until all parties related to the incident have been interviewed, including Ratwatte.

Dr Karunasiri mentioned that the HRCSL will be following the matter closely and information gathered by the HRCSL will be handed over to the respective officials for further investigations.

Courtesy:The Mornig