Re-crowned Winner of “Mrs Sri Lanka for Mrs.World” Beauty Pageant Pushpika de Silva May Enter Politics by Contesting from Ex-President Maithripala Sirisena’s Polonnaruwa District


Chaturanga Samarawickrama

The winner of Mrs Sri Lanka for Mrs. World Pushpika De Silva yesterday said that she may enter politics in the future. This may be possible now that Pushpika has received widespread publicity following the brawl on Sunday evening, with her even landing in tears in front of cameras yesterday.

While answering a question raised by a journalist during a media briefing at the Shangri-La Hotel yesterday, Pushpika, after initially breaking out in tears in front of the cameras, said that although she had no immediate plan for politics as she had to fulfil her duties for the crown, she may enter the political stream in the future.

Pushpika however admitted she had a political past after she had visited several political rallies in Polonnaruwa and obtained nominations from the Polonnaruwa District.

“Contesting at the General Election from Polonnaruwa District is very hard because it was a huge challenge for me as the former President contested from that District,” she said.

“However I do hope to enter politics someday,” she said adding that if she got a chance, she would enter politics to talk on behalf of women and children in the country.

Pushpika, who a day earlier looked frail lying on a hospital bed claiming she had suffered scalp injuries after her crown was pulled by reigning Mrs. World Caroline Jurie, looked all healthy in front of the cameras within 24 hours and even broke down in tears stating that she was not divorced and her separation must not be highlighted. She said she had no idea of a divorce at the moment. She also pleaded not to ask her husband about this matter.

Pushpika’s husband, however, in a Facebook post on Monday said the couple’s divorce was about to get finalized and said it made no difference if she was nominated even as the President of the country.

Courtesy:Daily Mirror