Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Speaking in the Tamil Nadu State Capital Chennai Reiterates that India is always committed to ensuring that the Tamils in Sri Lanka live with equality, justice peace and dignity

(The Following remarks are Extracted from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech in Chennai on 14 February 2021.He was speaking at the inauguration/handing over/laying of Foundation Stone of various projects of Chennai.)


Our Government has always taken care of the welfare and aspirations of our Tamil brothers and sisters in Sri Lanka.It is my honour to have been the only Indian PM to visit Jaffna.

Through development works we are ensuring welfare of Sri Lanka’s Tamil community.

The resources given by our Government for Tamils have been much more than in the past.

The projects include: Fifty thousand houses for displaced Tamils in North-Eastern Sri Lanka.Four thousand houses in the plantation areas.

On the health side, we financed a free ambulance service which is widely used by the Tamil community. A hospital has been built in Dickoya.

To boost connectivity, the railway network to Jaffna and to Mannar is being re-built .

Flights have been established from Chennai to Jaffna.

I feel happy to share that India has built the Jaffna Cultural Centre which we hope to open soon.

The issue of Tamil rights has also been taken up by us consistently with Sri Lankan leaders. We are always committed to ensuring that they live with equality, justice peace and dignity.


The problem faced by our fishermen is long-standing. I do not wish to go into the history of the problem. But let me assure you that my Government will always protect their rightful interests. We have ensured early release whenever fishermen are apprehended in Sri Lanka. M

ore than sixteen hundred fishermen have been released during our tenure. Currently, there is no Indian fisherman in Sri Lankan custody. Similarly, three hundred and thirteen boats have also been released and we are working for the return of the rest of the boats.