“Vote for good people who can truly represent us. At that point, our dirty politics stands a chance of recovering.” -Election Commission Member Prof. Ratnajeevan Hoole

Election Commission member Prof. Ratnajeevan Hoole said yesterday that sensible people would be satisfied with his explanation as regards his recent interview with Jaffna-based Dan TV. Asked whether he believed the matter was closed now after EC Chairman Mahinda Deshapriya on Monday said that the explanation given by you in respect of the Dan TV interview was acceptable to him, Prof. Hoole has sent us the following response:

“For reasonable people my explanation should settle the matter — that 1) I did not say do not vote for the SLPP but rather that I said to not vote for people who trick and mislead you with untruths, and 2) I did not call the Sinhalese language a garbage language but rather that I said I do not know Sinhalese and therefore cannot read the garbage they write in Sinhalese.

However, remember that this propaganda is put out against me by unreasonable people with the intention of tricking the Sinhalese people to vote with communal passion. It all began with SLFP General Secretary Dayasiri Jayasekera in a fit of anger giving a statement to the press from SLPP headquarters over their illegal office at the Jaffna Kachcheri being removed on the orders of the EC Chairman. Jayasekera did not want to take on the Chairman so he said I had done that. Even if I had, so what? It is part of our job to stop unscrupulous politicians doing election campaigns at the public’s expense.

Jayasekera decided it is easiest to target a Tamil and threatened to remove me from the Commission as soon as they get the majority during the elections. He asked why the TNA offices were not removed. It is simply that the TNA is not trying to do a campaign at the expense of the government like Jayasekera’s party. Even now there is an inquiry on about how in Jaffna COVID aid from the public was diverted by a politician and distributed as being from him. I learn that the Grama Sevaka from Uduvil gave a statement at the inquiry which he concluded saying “This is the statement I was instructed to give”.

That is the backdrop to this dirty campaign against me — to bully the Commission into silence fearing for our jobs so we will not remove their offices on government premises and even not ask for the government car from the Jaffna Development Coordinator’ office that Jayasekera’s man was keeping as reported at the Commission on 8 June. These politicians will not stop until their agenda is endorsed in the elections. For that the EC must be stopped from cracking down on their electoral cheating.

It was with the same view and agenda that they said my daughter did not go through quarantine. I produced a certificate signed by Shavendra de Silva and Anil Jasinghe that she “underwent the necessary quarantine process.” That did not deter them. They then said I am corrupt and used the Commission car. The Commission officially declared that I was entitled to use that car. That did not stop them. They published an alleged interview with the Chairman, Mahinda Deshapriya, in … [name of the newspaper withheld – editor] on 23 May; he is alleged to have called me horrible things and wanted me removed. The Chairman denied it and two of our officials separately spoke to the author [name withheld – editor], whose confession on the phone that he never interviewed the chairman was recorded. Did that stop them? No!

Two days later … [the same newpaper] published another story that the police were investigating my misuse of the office car and my daughter skipping quarantine, and that I had given a statement to the police. The police did not question me on these matters. This anti-democracy group alleged that I said do not vote for the SLPP and that the Sinhalese language is rubbish. The video record of that interview bears out that I did not say that.

That group puts out statements to reporters, who sometimes carelessly carry them. One received by a Virakesari editor claimed that I was promised a nominated MP’s post for helping M.A. Sumanthiran win. They feel no need for research and did not know that as a dual citizen am ineligible to be an MP.

That monstrous electoral machinery is hard at its inexorable work. Now I have been called a liar and accused of raising money for the LTTE when I was working in Nigeria. Most educated people know that I have had no truck with the LTTE ever and they stopped me from serving my term as VC Jaffna and I had to live abroad for many years preventing me from serving my people. After falsely fingering me as an LTTE fund raiser, I am now scared to go about on the roads.

But in politics, the truth does not matter. The answer to your question is that this will not stop until the dastardly agenda against democracy triumphs. This is why I repeat the principles of the March 12 movement. Do not vote for rogues, illicit liquor dealers and owners of brothels; not for those who bailed out the assailants of Muslims after 21 April Attacks; nor for those who prevented the Tamil people from voting in 2005 by bribing the LTTE. Vote for good people who can truly represent us. At that point, our dirty politics stands a chance of recovering.”

Courtesy:The Island