Let’s Hope the Attorney -General’s Dept Will Take Action Over the Recorded Telephone Call by SB Dissanayake To Palitha Range Bandara Offering Huge Sums of Cash to Cross Over From UNP to the Maithri-Mahinda Govt of October 2018?


Lucien Rajakarunayake

We are suddenly given an exposure to the crafty and deceitful politics. R-R with his ‘One Shot’ reputation is giving much more than just one shot. It is a chain of telephone call recordings, that we are told is illegal because no recording caution had been given.

Recording caution is the stuff of political trickery and speedy legal action today. Did we have a different Attorney General’s Department in November 2018 – the time of the Constitutional Coup by the Sirisena-Rajapaksa duo; when the public was given many hearings of crooked and purchase politics that prevails in the country.

The UNP’s MP Palitha Range Bandara gave the public a recording on his phone of a call by the cross-over MP – S. B. Dissanayake, offering him a Cabinet office plus a huge sum of money for a quick cross-over to the Sirisena-Rajapaksa team. President Sirisena himself later said the cross-over amount on offer was in many millions.

Did the State attorneys not know of the press conferences where this was said? Didn’t they read about this in the print media, or were they ignorant of this spread on social media? Didn’t the AG’s Dept think it necessary to find out if the caller, SB Dissanayake, an experienced cross-over politico and Cabinet Minister too, had been told by Bandara that the call was being recorded?

Or, was it that the legal officers of the State were not given any such direction by the higher political and government authorities, about questioning an MP, himself a former police officer, on the present loudly announced violation of the law by Ranjan Ramanayake?

The R-R exposure is now taking a course of its own, far beyond the aspect of non-cautioned or non-announced recordings, to a whole area of interference with the judiciary and all the vulgar chats among film actors, players in the game of dirty politics, and delight in vulgar living.

We have now moved into a phase of telephonic silence. In an age when the telephone has become a virtual toy of kids, the gadget of youth, the apparatus of communication, mechanism of human connection and much more. It is now necessary for those who matter, especially in politics and its necessary cheating, to have nothing to do with this device of attachment.

Are we to believe that the political cheats that have been playing out the people and this country for the past seven decades, and especially in the last four plus decades, had no phone call links in their illegal activities?

Did politicians in power never send telephone messages to key persons in the police on how crowds had to be managed at events of political and crowd pulling importance? Were they ever recorded? Did the senior politician who spoke to the now interdicted IGP on the phone about not arresting a crook, tell him not to record that call? We did not hear the IGP say the call was being recorded.

Do we have any recordings of phone or radio instructions on the Rathupaswala killings? There is much more!

As a general election approaches, and the seekers of power after winning the presidential election are seeking a two-thirds majority in parliament, we will be full of stuff about phone call rule breaks and the vulgarity on CD recordings in the weeks and months ahead. It is the substance of deceit, from those with little political messaging of substance. The social media delight in the vulgar and sex-related calls on what is said to be the R-R line up, and the use of such stuff on some TV chanels and print media too, shows the material of the rising election campaign.

Take the minds of the people as far away as possible from the harsh realities of living, the corruption in governance, the sharply rising cost of living, the cross-talk about foreign agreements and sale of public land without tenders being called. R-R has given the Rajapaksa Players the programme for the coming electoral show.

The theme of the show will be hiding the realities of crooked governance, seeking to bury the pain of the people, and go on a big swing on phone call vulgarity, while the legal and judicial authorities show a new determination to enforce long buried laws and regulations.This is the overall hypocrisy of corrupt and crooked governance, and suddenly active law enforcers.

If and where Ranjan Ramanayake has violated the law, where his callers may have affected the judiciary, they must be punished under the law, that legislators and law enforcers had long forgotten. Let’s hope this helps give our judiciary even more independence, and not draw it back to the dark days when judicial appointments were the stuff of political dominance.

Let’s hope the Attorney General’s Department raises some questions even now from Mr. Palitha Range Bandara, about that recorded phone call, worth a Cabinet Office and many millions.

Courtesy:The Island