Ranjan Ramanayake and his Telephone Call Recordings will soon be the Slogan of the “Pohottuwa” team as it moves into Election Campaign Action.


Lucien Rajakarunanayake

A cartoon in The Island earlier this week showed the citizen seeking shelter from the rain of the Ranjan Ramanayake phone call exposures.

We now seem to be moving more to a reign, than just rain, with the One Shot call soon reigning over the coming general election campaign.

It is interesting and could be a very effective poll campaign, in the search for a certainly uneasy two-thirds majority in Parliament, in support of the constitution changing goal of the new Presidency.

While One Shot, Ranjan, may be having his own reasons for keeping so many recordings of his phone conversations, as an MP and in other situations in various parliamentary committees; the stuff of his calls are now the soaring matter of his political rivals.

It is like a divinely given political treasure to those with not so clean records, who will be seeking re-election to the Diyavanna House of power and pleasure.

The first to be delighted will be those in Ranjan’s own party – the UNP. What about that huge national fraud known as the Treasury Bond Scam. That will have no place in the public domain as the new polls campaign gets under way. The Central Bank’s former Governor Mahendran could be even more relaxed wherever he is, and so will other players in that game such as Ranil Wickremesinghe and Ravi Karunanayake.

With the bark and bay in the campaign on the Ranjan Recordings, in keeping with today’s trend in the politics of great expectation, there is much more to be hidden and drowned by these preserved phone calls, which will be a well-woven fabric of diversion and distortion.

Who will be interested in any carom board fraud, especially when this alleged fraudster is said to be a planned target of the One Shot’s bullets?

The cost of telephone calls by a former minister with a record of leaps in the Land of the Rising Sun, is certainly not of any interest when Ranjan’s voice reaches questionable ears.

Ramanayake must realize that more than his recorded phone calls the overall gain of those in the winning bandwagon today is the very failure of the yahapalana humbugs in politics.

The delays in initiating legal action on so many issues in which the then Rajapaksa Regime was involved, and the twists and turns that followed such delayed action, and also avoided action, with judicial assistance or not, is at the core of the campaign of the Ranjan recordings.

We now hear a huge cry for democracy and the parliamentary process by those who were strongly lined up against both. I’m sure there are no Ranjan recordings about the rowdy, criminal and physical attack on the very values and traditions on Parliament, in the attack on the Speaker, not so long ago.

I don’t know whether Ranjan spoke to any prosecutor or judge about the violation of constitutional procedure in October 2018, when many who are now in the Cabinet, accepted crooked Cabinet positions, in what was seen as political auction at huge prices. That is the stuff of a crooked past, and will be the stuff of silence in the coming polls campaign.

Ranjan must have had a special liking, which possibly became a hobby, to listen to his own phone calls, with more importance bringing more excitement. This is certainly not the stuff of good democratic politics, in a society that does not give much importance to privacy. It is also not the best hobby to have in the politics of crookedness, which remains in the bowels of dirty governance.

Riding a hobby-horse of recorded phone calls has brought Ranjan to this near fall into the depths of a crooked political debate. Various probes and no do
about commissions of inquiry would follow. Who knows Ranjan may even be found guilty. But what will it do to the values of society? Will it reduce the corruption in politics and governance? Not at all likely. The corruption will be in sway as campaigning for the next election gets underway.

That is the reign that will prevail, supported by the phone call rain of the One Shot player. R-R will soon be the slogan of the Pohottuwa team as it moves into campaign action. Ranjan may have some relief in knowing that he may end up being the RR or Rolls-Royce in the exposure of crooked politics.

Courtesy:The Island