Hirunika Premachandra MP Says Stage is Being Set for Release of Convicted Ex-MP Duminda Silva and Asks Police to Explain How Some “Laundry” Media Got Hold of Audio Recordings Taken By Police From Ranjan Ramanayake MP’s House

By Nisali De Silva

The stage is being set for incarcerated businessman-turned politician Duminda Silva to be set free, United National Party (UNP) MP Hirunika Premachandra said.

Speaking to reporters at the Opposition Leader’s Office this afternoon, Premachandra said Silva along with others accused in the Baratha Lakshman Premchandra murder case were given the death sentence, leaving no doubt that the incident was an attempted murder.

Referring to a leaked telephone conversation purportedly between fellow UNP MP Ranjan Ramanayake and former CID Director SSP Shani Abeysekera, Premachandra said her colleague is heard simply asking the police officer what was happening with the case. He does not order Abeysekera to conduct the investigation in a particular way, she said.

Defending Ramanayake regarding a separate phone conversation with Colombo High Court Judge Padmini Ranawaka, she said, the latter had only sought to discuss the problem of state sector promotions with him.

In any case, a government analyst report is yet to be released confirming that it was indeed Ramanayake’s voice heard on the recorded calls, Premachandra added.

“What is interesting is how media organisations got the recordings which were in possession of the Magistrate’s Court. The police has to explain how that happened,” she said, accusing some private media organisations of being what she called laundry media.

The MP further said that attempts will be made to have Silva released through a presidential pardon after the upcoming parliamentary elections.

“This won’t be an issue because people of the country will take care of it,” she said, calling on the public to think more broadly and conscientiously.

Courtesy:Republic Next