President Sirisena Wants to Hang at Least one “Drug Dealer”Before His Tenure Ends If Supreme Court Removes Injunction on Executions

President Maithripala Sirisena, yesterday, promised that he would hang at least one drug dealer before his tenure as President ends if the Supreme Court gave a favourable ruling on his attempts to end a 43-year-old moratorium on capital punishment by hanging drug convicts.

In July, the Supreme Court issued a temporary injunction against the execution of four people until Oct 30. The court is to take up hearing the case on Oct 29.

Addressing the third conference of the Model United Nations, the President said that he had decided to end a 43-year-old moratorium on capital punishment after considering the serious threats to the country posed by drug dealers.

“There are over 200,000 drug addicts and that 60% of the 24 000 strong prison population have been incarcerated for drug dealing,” he said.

“There are cases filed against my decision. But if the court gives a favourable decision, I will surely hang at least one. I am doing them for the future of youth.”

President Sirisena also said that Sri Lanka’s future political leaders should be educated. The country also needed to allocate more resources for education as countries with intelligent populations faced fewer problems.

“All developed countries have invested heavily in education, he said.

Courtesy:The Island