An Announcement from D.B.S. Jeyaraj

Hello Friends,

Today May 21st is my Birthday. I have turned 58 on this day.

After deep thought and reflection both alone and with my loved ones ,I have decided to stop the website from tomorrow.

Running this website for several years has been a pleasant and productive experience. It has become quite popular with readers from different backgrounds and ethnicities. Some quote from it or cite it as a source.

I also know from the e-mails I receive that it is avidly read by non- Sri lankans interested in Sri Lankan affairs like Academics,NGO personnel,Human rights activists,diplomats and media colleagues.

This is a website that has no advertising other than google ads, no backing from financiers, no NGO funds or any Institutional support. It has been a labour of love accomplished with the help of a few friends who were generous with their time and energy.

However I have to state with great sadness that the time has now come for me to terminate transcurrents due to personal reasons.

I do not want to dwell further on this matter as the decision is emotionally painful for me. I am sure readers will understand my not elaborating further.

I thank all those who have participated in this forum over the years,the readers, the contributing writers and the commentators.

You all have sweetened my life these past years.It has been a privilege interacting with you and I thank you all for that.Each and every one of you!

I also must thank that very special friend who was of yeoman service handling all the technical aspects of this website. Without that friend I could not have run this site. I am not naming the person in deference to my friend’s preference for anonymity. But THANK YOU.

Although the website “Transcurrents” will be no more I will continue blogging here on

I will be however suspending the comments sections on the blog. I will also not be posting work by others on my blog except under special circumstances.

So will continue but with my blogging mainly.

Once again I am sorry for these decisions but I have my reasons and I hope my loyal readers will understand.

Let me Thank you all again and bid farewell.

May God Bless us all!

May 21st 2012

DBS Jeyaraj can be reached at ~ Email: