Can Sajith Premadasa Seeking Nomination and Election From the UNP Tell Us Where His Political Thinking and Policies Differ From Ranil Wickremesinghe?


Lucien Rajakarunanayake

The drum beats of political pride get louder as the Gam Udawa – Village Re-awakening – score gets closer to the third century.

The political legacy of the Premadasa Family is coming to new reaches in the spread of new village names, needing a new listing of the acres or hectares of nature destroyed to build the villages of political pride, drawn from a legacy of paternal distortion on progress.

We are having village names that are getting longer, more twisted and distorted in expression, as the Gam Udawa scores are hit, with two, three and even four new villages per day. The large memorial slabs are unveiled by the Sajith Putha, with quickly vanishing pictures of the Ranasinghe father, as the heat of presidential polls gets higher with inner party rivalries.

In a country where the elephant population is rapidly declining, mainly due to the politics of crooked village expansion, we are not moving to any areas that could be called an “Ali-Athun Pedesa” the area of elephants. Instead we are seeing the spread of new villages in the ‘Ali Perali’ politics of the Green Elephants herd. We are still to see the opening of a ‘Henduvegama’ or ‘Ankusagama’- (the goad village) that records the final control of the political elephant in the current Jumbo Game or Ali Keliya of the search for presidential candidacy.

The names of the Sajith Premadasa’s Gam Udawa show have little to do with the real politics of today, or the stuff of crooked government with an elephant leadership that is seen and mostly rejected by the people. The large crowds at Badulla, Matara and Kurunegala that showed up to cheer Sajith Putha or the “Daasa Putha – Servant Son” in the current elephant kraal, certainly missed any mention of the opening of a ‘Maha Banku Kelina Gama’ – the Central Bank Crook Village. Surely, Sajith must know that his goad bearing rival for the presidency race can be easily knocked down with more talk of this biggest fraud in the banking records of Sri Lanka.

Is Sajith’s silence on this banking and treasury fraud because of his knowledge of how deep the UNP, including many of his own inner party supporters were involved in, or sought to hide to the exposure this ‘Ali Vanchaava’. Is that why he has still not opened an “Ali Vanchaagama”?

Do those who are planning the names for the new Gam Udawa villages, as the scoreboard moves to the fourth century, not want to make this father and son Village Re-awakening exercise give village names that will record the reality of today’s governance; where the elephant party of both Ranil and Sajith is integral to the corruption that is soaring in this country?

Surely this is the time for a ‘Maha Vancha Jaya Gama’ of great fraud victory, or a ‘Rata Vikunum Gama’ noting the threats to the sovereignty of the nation in the politics of these rivals in green kraal politicians.

There are many names that will ring more bells in the minds of the people, and certainly the voters, including the new youth voters, whom Sajith Putha is trying hard to attract and bring to his Father-Son Brigade of crooked politics. What about a ‘Janatha Vasthu Vinaasha Gama’ (Janavasthuvinaagama) or “Deshapalana Kupaadi Gama’ (Deshpalkupaagama)? I’m sure we will see more of such currently relevant and delightful names coming out in social media that is being harnessed with much effort by the Sajith bandwagon these days.

This political parade of new villages is now surrounded by the echoes of religion and largely misleading political slogans. There are more than a thousand new Buddhist temples and viharas and a similar hike in the religious schools or Daham Paasal lined up in this Sajith son’s display of paternal politics.

Can this Sajith-village exercise just give names to some new villages based on the huge delay in keeping to the promise of good governance in the past four years, moving away fast and with determination from what the people were offered by a UNP led government in the Yahapalana campaign? Why not have a ‘Maha Porondu Keduu Gama’ or a ‘Vanchavata Atha-Hitha Dun Gama’ – recording the huge break of promises and the active support to corruption.

This is certainly the stuff of the UNP-led government we have seen in these four years. They are certainly not the dirty stuff that can be hidden by the sound of temple bells, the chanting of religious stanzas, or preaching by those who give little thought to the Teachings of the Buddha. It is the required strategy of good political leaders, to think of moving the emerging generations away from all this corruption, crookedness and overall deceit through the Daham Paasal of tomorrow. Why not think of a ‘Hari Magata Yana Gama’ or a ‘Sathya Dinavana Gama’?

The Sajith campaign is talking big about having wider devolution in the country under a Green Sajith presidency. Can he as a senior Cabinet Minister of this government and the Deputy Leader of the UNP tell the people why the UNP delayed the holding of the eight Provincial Council polls? Was it not the UNP, of which his rival Ranil is the leader, and also head of the Delimitation Committee, that delayed the required report to parliament for the PC polls? How can Sajith talk of wider devolution when his own party, of the Green Kraal is the cause for such delay, with no objection by him?

Sajith Premadasa must remember that he seeks nomination and election from the UNP. Can he tell the people where his political thinking is different to than of his candidature rival – Ranil Wickremesinghe? His target in candidature is Ranil, but his policy as candidate, if chosen, is that of the UNP – where is the difference? Let the people know if there is such difference. That is the strategy for a good election.

Until then let’s keep learning the new name of this carnival of village openings – the ‘Gam Udawa Senakeliya’.

Courtesy:The Island