Attorney -General Directs Police to Re-commence Investigations Into Killing of Five Students in Trincomalee in 2006 After Acquittal of 13 Accused Due to Lack of Evidence by Trinco Chief Magistrate; Wants Police to Trace Whereabouts of Three Key Witnesses and Send Progress Report to A-G.

By Chandani Kirinde

The Attorney General (AG) yesterday directed police to recommence investigations into the killing of five students in Trincomalee in 2006, after all 13 accused in the case were acquitted last week.

In a letter to the Acting IGP, the AG directed that the police trace and record the evidence of three vital witnesses in the case, including two of the survivors of the attack as well as the father of one of the victims.

The 13 suspects in the case including 12 STF personnel and a policeman were acquitted of all charges and released by the Trincomalee Chief Magistrate M.M. Mohamed due to lack of evidence.

The CID reported to Court that the three witnesses could not be traced as they were not at their local addresses and that they were reportedly overseas.

The AG directed the police to carry out a comprehensive investigation to trace the whereabouts of the witnesses and send him a detailed report of the progress into the matter.

The Magistrate in his order on 3 July stated that the acquittal of the accused does not prevent the AG from initiating new Non-Summary proceedings in the case.

Courtesy:Daily FT