Bodies of Three Men, Six Women and Six Children Recovered From House Shattered by Explosion After Shoot -Out in Saainthamaruthu Between Armed Men and Security Forces Comprising Army Police and STF:One Woman and Child Hospitalised.

Combined Army, Special Task Force and Police teams are continuing search operations in the Kalmunai area where 15 people including 6 six children were killed in a confrontation between troops and suspected terrorists last night (26).

There are no dead or injured among the security forces.

One woman and a child were admitted to hospital by police.

The Sri Lanka Army said this morning that on information received from local residents a search operation was started in the general area of Kalmunai.

During the search troops had heard an explosion near a mosque in Sainthamaruthu.

When troops approached the area they had been fired upon from a house in the area.

Troops had fired back and in that exchange of fire three armed men had been killed.

After that a huge explosion had engulfed the house.

Later when troops searched the house they recovered the bodies of the six children, three women and three men.

The Army spokesman said that the explosion was an act of suicide.

Other reports said police recovered banners and other items that maybe linked to Islamic State from the house.

Courtesy:Republic Next