“No one can Obstruct or Prevent me Fulfilling my Obligations to our Beloved Nation” – An Elated Gotabaya Rajapaksa Issues Special Message After Receiving Exuberant Welcome at BIA.

(Text of Message posted on his Facebook by Former Defence Secretsry Gotabaya Rajapaksa)

I was touched by the warm welcome I received at the Katunayaka Airport today. This was real proof in my mind that there are so many people who love this country as much as I do.

The patriots of this country have always joined together to protect our country from the onslaught of vicious external forces.

Today it is in the same spirit that people gathered around me. All they want is to protect their motherland and I am proud to be a part of that effort.

I would like to thank the venerable Maha Sanga, venerable Priests of other religions, honourable Members of the Parliament, Members of the Provincial Councils and local authorities, Members of Viyathmaga and Eliya, and all other fellow Sri Lankans for the grand welcome I received.

I greatly appreciate your love and support. I have not forgotten the fact that there could have been so many others who couldn’t make it to the airport today but are truly supportive of me in your hearts. Thank you all.

A special thank you for the Sri Lankan community in California who provided the protection and support during my short stay in the USA. I need to specially mention and thank those who extended legal advice and support when there was a need.

No one can obstruct or prevent me fulfilling my obligations to our beloved nation. In the past, I have served this country to the best of my ability.

I am ready to do the same if and when the duty calls me again. That is my solemn promise to all of you.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa