Ranil Takes Potshots at Maithripala by Saying that Bankrupt Politicians Cant Come To Parliament and Make Baseless Statements Criticising Independent Commissions and Attacking The Judiciary Like a “Football”.

Criticising independent Commissions as well as attacking the independent Judiciary will weaken the control and eradication of narcotics, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said yesterday.

Speaking at an event in Maligawatte today, the Premier said bankrupt politicians cannot be allowed to use the Judiciary as a “football”, and if they come to Parliament and make baseless statements, the people will ultimately suffer the consequences.

The Prime Minister was speaking at the ceremony held to open the second phase of the Lak Hiru Sevana housing scheme in Maligawatte.

Addressing the gathering, the Premier pointed out that the Government has only controlled the drug menace, not eradicated.

“When baseless statements are made in Parliament, people will suffer. We have only controlled illicit drugs, not eradicated. Should we continue, or should we abandon the program,” he questioned.

The Premier said when the drug problem became critical in the past, he called the top Police officers in 2015 or 2016, and asked whether to allocate more funds from the Budget. The Police officers replied that money is not a problem, but that they needed an independent and a trustworthy Judiciary.

“They (Police officers) asked me not to allow Parliamentarians to interfere in the affairs of the Police if the drug problem needs to be resolved. The officers asked not to allow the controlling and interferences that had arisen during the last administration again. They said not to start a drug control campaign while their eyes were blindfolded and hands were tied,” the Prime Minister recalled.

High-ranking Police officers thought it would be possible to control drugs if independent Commissions functioned properly.

“The establishment of the independent Commissions has created confidence among the Police. The Judiciary also took decisions with a straight backbone. The control of narcotics was accelerated because of the independent Commissions that we have set up,” the Premier said.

Courtesy:Daily Mirror