STF or Sri Lankan Police Officials Had Nothing to do with Arrest of Makandure Madush and Others Done by Dubai Police Alone Says Lawyer Udul Premaratne Representing Singer Amal Perera and son Nadeemal.

Attorney-at-law Udul Premaratne, now in Dubai to represent singer Amal Perera and his son Nadeemal Perera, who are under Bur Dubai Police custody with the notorious organised criminal and drug smuggler Makandure Madush, claimed that the raid was not a joint collaboration between Dubai and Sri Lankan law enforcement authorities, but only carried out by the Dubai Police.

“They carried out a well-organised raid on a tip off and there was no connection with the Sri Lankan Police or STF to raid the suspects at the party,” Premaratne, who is scheduled to meet the Prosecution Officer (PO) of the Bur Dubai Police Station, told the Daily FT.

He said that he didn’t find any proof that any Sri Lankan law enforcement official joined from Sri Lanka to assist the Dubai Police officials who carried out the unexpected raid.

“They have carried out the operation on a tip off given by their intelligence agents,” he said, adding that he was able to talk to Amal Perera and his son in custody on Monday.

“I got the power of attorney and a proxy certified by the Dubai Embassy in Sri Lanka only to represent the two artistes. We as lawyers can not appear before the Courts here on behalf of our clients, but can appear only before the Bur Dubai Police, where the PO has the sole authority to decide whether suspects are to be bail out, file cases against them before courts or deport them,” he explained.

Premaratne confirmed that 31 people, including the prominent organised criminals, and actor Ryan Van Rooyen, are in Bur Dubai Police custody.

Refuting allegations that he was also to appear on behalf of Madush, he said he would represent only Amal and his son, who are in the Bur Dubai Police custody.

“Madush is a wanted organised criminal and smuggler and I have no intention to appear before such people,” he said.

Lawyer Premaratne said that the news about producing Madush before Dubai Courts was false, as it would only be decided by the PO of the Bur Dubai Police.

“The police investigations into the 31 suspects have been concluded and the PO will decide whether to take legal action against them or to release them,” he said adding that they only have charges for consuming drugs.

According to Premaratne, Dubai, which is under 24-hour CCTV surveillance, has a tough legal process against drug offences, and the minimum penalty is a three-year jail term for using drugs.

He said the PO had given them an appointment in the morning today to provide necessary legal documents and explanations for Amal and his son Nadeemal.

Premaratne said that he would explain the PO that the duo came to the party as singers, and were not having dealings with the organised criminals who are under Police custody. “We will request the PO to consider giving them bail or deporting them without filing cases against them in the Dubai High Court,” he said, citing an investigation report by the Bur Dubai Police which states that the suspects were charged for consuming drugs at the time of the raid.

He noted that the Bur Dubai Police had the authority to keep the suspects charged with murder, drugs and rape indefinitely, and no one would question the Police, who have the authority to decide whom to be produce before the courts or not.

Courtesy:Daily FT