16 More Including Drug Smuggler Angoda Lokka Arrested by Dubai Police; Drug Dealers Andarawatte Chamara and Shanaka Madhushan Alias “Olu Mara” Arrested in Mattakkuliya and Wennappuwa: Group of Makandure Madush Associates Nabbed in Matara.


Wijayani Edirisinghe, Rakshana Sriyantha and Lahiru Fernando

The Dubai Police yesterday had arrested drug smuggler Angoda Lokka, an associate of Makandure Madush who fled the scene when Dubai Police arrested Madush and another 16 suspects last Tuesday.

He has been arrested by the police when he was hiding at another hotel in Dubai, Police Special Task Force (STF) said. The blood samples had revealed Angoda Lokka was under the influence of Hashish.

Meanwhile, Makandure Madush and other suspects who were arrested earlier were produced before the Dubai Courts yesterday morning.

According to senior STF officials, it would take some time for the judges to declare the verdict on them as the Dubai Police have to present inquiry reports separately on the 16 suspects.

Sri Lankan authorities have already sent a report including all measures taken by the Defence Ministry and the Courts and the international red notices issued to arrest these smugglers to the Dubai Police. This report was also presented before the Dubai Courts by the Dubai Police. It has also been requested through this report to hand over these smugglers to the Sri Lankan authorities.

The Sri Lanka Police and the STF are conducting investigations to nab the close associates of the arrested drug kingpins. During the past three days, the Police and the STF had arrested about 20 suspects in connection with the crimes such as drug smuggling and organised crimes. Notorious drug dealer Andarawatte Chamara, who was arrested yesterday at Mattakkuliya is also among them.

Shanaka Madhushan alias Olu Mara and 11 others were also arrested at Wennappuwa yesterday and another group of suspects were arrested from Matara in the Southern Province as well. Some of them were close associates of Makandure Madush.

Sri Lankan Police and the STF are continuing with the operations.

Courtesy:Daily News