It’s Official Now! Parliament Releases Hansards With Records of Two No Confidence Resolutions Passed With a Majority and Speaker’s Declaration That There is No Legitimate Govt in the Country.

Sri Lanka’s parliament Wednesday released the official record of proceedings when two no-confidence motions were passed, on the disputed government of Mahinda Rajapaksa clearing the way to mount legal challenges.

The Hansards on November 14 and 16 contain the two resolutions that were passed by a voice vote of the majority of the 225-member assembly. The November 15 Hansard has the Speaker’s declaration that there is no legitimate government in the country.

Official sources said the significance of the three Hansards is that it would allow any petitioner to challenge Rajapaksa as well as his disputed government in the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court.

A litigant would require proof of parliamentary proceedings before initiating action on the basis of the No Confidence motions passed on November 14 and 16.

The proceedings of Friday, the 16th were marred by rioting.

Members of the Rajapaksa group created unrest to prevent a second no-trust vote, but the speaker entered the chamber escorted by unarmed police and took the vote and declared the resolution passed. Hansard of Friday is just one page capturing proceedings of under six minutes.