The Teaching of Christ Was Reflected in the Courageous Conscientiousness of the “Anonymous” Policeman in Parliament who Stood His Ground Unflinchingly Doing his Duty after Being Struck on the Face by a Cowardly MP.

By Bishop Duleep de Chickera

In the midst of the recent legislative vandalism, an anonymous policeman stood tall above the chosen 225.

Struck on the face by a cowardly law maker, he unflinchingly stood his ground to perform his duty. In a moment he become an image of courageous conscientiousness.

The moment added a lesson. Regular replays also replayed the teaching of Christ on offering the other cheek. Struck once, the anonymous policeman refused to retaliate or withdraw, remaining within reach of the next slap.

It was then that something happened. Boisterous and agitated colleagues suddenly came to their senses to restrain the slapper. The lesson of Christ was complete before millions of viewers. A consistent demonstration of dignified, active non-violence, has great potential to restrict and overcome evil.

It is most unlikely that there will be a formal reprimand or apology. But whether or not these things happen, one thing is clear. In staring down the privileged legislator with unusual composure, the anonymous policeman stirred the national conscience and taught us a crucial lesson for the coming days and always.

With Peace and Blessings to all!

Courtesy:The Island