Speaker Karu Jayasuriya says that He Received Intelligence Reports of Attempts to Disrupt Parliament on Nov 19th also and Took Steps to Nip such Moves in the Bud by Strenthening Security Measures.

Speaker Karu Jayasuriya said that he had received reports that there were attempts to disrupt Parliament proceedings yesterday as well.

He said, in a media release: “I got intelligence reports that there would be attempts to disrupt Parliament proceedings today as well. That’s why I took necessary steps to ensure security in Parliament. I also informed the sergeant at arms, director of Parliament police division, IGP and the defence secretary about this.”

Jayasuriya added that he was extremely distressed at what had happened in Parliament in the last few days. It was the responsibility of everyone to prevent a repetition of such incidents, he said, adding that he would take stern action against those who acted in an undisciplined way.

“I have already asked relevant authorities to look into smuggling in of weapons inside Parliament, attacks with chili powder there, damaging state property, fights, messing the speaker’s chair and other breaches of discipline and once I have their reports I will take necessary action,” he said. .

Jayasuriya also denied reports that various groups were systematically brought inside the public gallery. “I investigated and found that this was not true, I can present details of who has been to the gallery of the house. Most of the attention in today’s party leaders meeting was focused on appointing select committees in parliament. I informed party leaders that they should submit nominees for these committees to the secretary general of parliament soon.

“Six UNF MPs handed over a motion to be debated in Parliament that the state funds of the illegitimate prime minister should be stopped forthwith, the motion will be placed in the order paper and the debate and vote will be taken on the 29th,” he said.

Courtesy:The Island