JVP Refuses to Attend Meeting Convened by President and Accuses Sirisena Bluntly ” You are the Architect of the Anarchy and Instability the Country is Subjected to at Present”.

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) yesterday told President Maithripala Sirisena that he was the architect of the country’s anarchy and the situation could only be resolved by him.

This strong assertion of responsibility on the part of Sirisena was conveyed by the JVP yesterday via a letter which listed the reasons why the opposition party would not attend the all-party meeting convened by the President yesterday.

“You are the architect of the anarchy and instability the country is subjected to at present. It could be corrected only by you,” JVP informed the President via the letter.

“We do not believe a solution could be reached by having a mere discussion with you. As a responsible political party that represents Parliament, we have already mediated to the maximum in this issue. What is left now is for you to act. We expect that you have enough self-confidence left to take this step,” JVP letter added.

The party also blamed the President for refusing to accept the formerly adopted no confidence motion that rejected the appointment of the nominal premiership and said coming out with various types of “cheap excuses” was not appropriate for a President of a country.

“It is you and your arbitrary conduct that is totally responsible for the loathful and disgusting conflict situation that occurred repeatedly for three days in parliament, where people’s sovereignty is said to be represented,” JVP added.

Courtesy:Daily FT