Shameful Day in Parliament! Mahinda Rajapaksa Sits on Prime Minister’s Chair Defying Speaker’s Ruling;Ex-Speaker Thilanga Sumathipala Approaches Karu Jayasuriya Yelling Obsecenities; Brawl Ensues Between MP’s Trying to Attack Speaker and MP’s Trying To Protect Speaker.


Dr.Harsha de Silva

Sequence of events that led to the was most shameful day in Parliament.

Starting with MR (Mahinda Rajapaksa) forcing himself on the PM chair even after Speaker stating he has lost the no confidence motion yesterday thus he is no longer PM;

MR making statement as PM by force;

Speaker calling for a vote by name on ‘PM statement’ as per request by Lakshman Kirielle;

Thilanga Sumatipala (disgrace to be called an honorable MP) approaches Speaker and starts yelling obscenities at him;

Others from his side join him to a scream at Speaker getting close to physically assault him;

Our MPs approach the Speaker’s chair to protect him and get entangled in brawl.

What a shame.

All the while the illegal PM occupies the chair reserved for PM and directs the show.

In the melee Speaker calls for vote again and we all rise to vote against the ‘PM Statement’ and Speaker leaves Chair for short adjournment.

(Excerpted from Dr. de Silva MP’s Facebook)