Wimal Weerawansa Says Indian National Suspected of Being Involved in Assassination Plot is an Operative of the Indian Espionage Agency Research and Analysis Wing, Named Rajendrakumar Bearing RAW ID Card No – RB317217/VJ.


Kalathma Jayawardhane

The Joint Opposition (JO) today said the Indian national, who claimed of a plot to assassinate President Maithripala Sirisena, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his family members, was identified as an India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) member bearing the RAW identity card number of RB317217/VJ.

JO member MP Wimal Weerawansa told a news conference that they had investigated on this issue and had found out that the Indian national who was arrested in Sri Lanka was named Rajendra Kumar and he was working for the RAW.

He said the suspect had come to Sri Lanka before the election held in 2015 and had continued working for the RAW during his stay.

“The Indian national has tried to meet me in two instances but has failed since I was not available at my residence and office at that time. Right after his arrest, the Indian High Commission announced that the arrested person was psychologically imbalanced. It is the easiest way to tackle such incidents,” he said.

“Even the RAW is active in Sri Lanka but President Sirisena is still maintaining a silent policy. It is evident that the RAW and the Tamil Diaspora are engaging in some conspiracies in Sri Lanka. The situation has turned quite dangerous,” he added.

Courtesy:Daily Mirror