“Janabalaya Kolombata” Protest Comes to an End as Demonstrators Commence Leaving Colombo Despite Organizers Claim of Laying Overnight Siege to the City

The “Jana Balaya Kolambata” protest campaign has seemingly come to an end despite claims by Joint Opposition MPs to protest overnight and lay siege to the capital city.

JO activists started cleaning up the Lake House roundabout and the roads leading up to the area indicating that they had no plans to continue.

The Colombo Municipal Council members of the SLPP and youth wing of the party were also involved in the clean-up operation.

Large swathes of protesters have already packed up and left the capital city, our reporters said.

The rest of the crowd, however, are hanging loose around the Lake House roundabout and the Colombo Hilton hotel.

As of 10 Pm, none of the prominent leaders of the protest, including its organizer Parliamentarian Namal Rajapaksa, were not seen among the protesters.

Parliamentarian Bandula Gunawardena, who is currently with the protesters, said they would remain at the Lake House roundabout until midnight.

Meanwhile, in an interesting turn of events, a dance item based on Angampora, an ancient form of martial art in Sri Lanka, was staged on the street to keep the crowd entertained.

Courtesy:Asian Mirror