Govt Issues Strong Statement Condemning Communal Violence in Amparai and Digana and The Misinformation Campaign Targeting the Muslim Community.

The Government yesterday condemned hate and misinformation campaigns targeting the Muslim community in particular, as it issued a strong statement of condemnation after Digana, Kandy became the second town to be swept up in sectarian violence in one week.

“The Government of Sri Lanka strongly and unequivocally condemns the recent sporadic incidents of violence that had sparked off in Ampara and Digana,” a statement by Government Information Director Sudarshana Gunawardana said last night.

The full statement is as follows:

The Government strongly and unequivocally condemns the recent sporadic incidents of violence that had sparked off in Ampara and Digana, creating communal disharmony, where some places of worship, residences and businesses have been damaged.

The Government also condemns the hate and mischievous misinformation campaigns carried out by some, especially via social media, targeting the Muslim community in particular and others as well, with the clear objective of creating disharmony among communities and inciting violence.

The Government urges every citizen of Sri Lanka to desist from falling prey to such hate and misinformation campaigns. As a country that had suffered by acts of violence for nearly three decades, we as a nation should desist from repetition of such.

At the National Security Council Meeting held today, the President has ordered the Security Forces and the Police to enforce law & order and to take immediate action to counter any acts of violence affecting any community, in liaison with the Government Agents / Divisional Secretaries and other District Administrative Authorities. Already they are working in unity to ensure the full and impartial enforcement of law to protect all communities against any attacks that create communal / religious disharmony.

The Government will not hesitate to take firm and stern action against perpetrators of crimes, and violate law and order. The Government urges for total co-operation from all citizens, irrespective of any communal, religious differences to build a Nation that is stable, peaceful and progressive, where diversity is respected; and, where every individual has the opportunity to enjoy all freedoms that are the rights of equal citizenship. Every Sri Lankan citizen, inclusive of the clergy, politicians, social leaders, civil societies and media should and must deplore any violence, and must co-operate to bring peace and harmony to achieve reconciliation.

Courtesy:Daily FT