Will Tamil Film Hero Rajinikanth Become Tamil Nadu Chief Minister?


In the May 2014 Indian General elections the Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) led by Narendra Modi swept the poll in many states to form a government with a stable majority in New Delhi. However Tamil Nadu was one of the few Indian states to resist “Modimania” with the Jayalalithaa Jayaram led All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagham (AIADMK) getting 37 of 39 Lok Sabha seats allocated to the state. Jayalalithaa’s resonating challenge at the 2014 hustings “Modi or Lady”resulted in the Lady routing Modi on her home turf. The BJP could not make headway in Tamil Nadu even during the 2016 Assembly polls. The AIADMK and chief opposition Dravida Munnetra Kazhagham(DMK)swept the polls.

The BJP was not the only National party of India that failed dismally in Tamil Nadu. Even the Congress party of the Gandhis and Nehrus which ruled in Tamil Nadu for 20 years after Independence from 1947 to 1967 has been unable to regain power in the South Indian state for the past 50 years. The “Dravidian” political ideology has been ruling the roost in Tamil Nadu. Either the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagham(DMK) or its Alter Ego the All India Anna-Dravida Munnetra Kazhagham(AIADMK) has been enjoying power in the state.Currently the AIADMK is in the saddle though Jayalalithaa herself passed away in December 2016.

In a not so subtle bid to gain politically in Tamil Nadu the BJP currently at the helm in New Delhi has been making several overtures to a popular Tamil film actor. 67 Year old Rajinikanth or ”Superstar” as he is known is still the single most popular mass figure among actors in Tamil cinema. Prime minister Narendra Modi paid a courtesy call to Rajinikanth when he visited Tamil Nadu for the polls campaign in 2014. Rajinikanth was invited as a special guest for Modi’s inauguration as PM the same year. BJP’s Tamil Nadu state leader Dr.Thamizhisai Soundararajan has been calling on the actor several times. The lady doctor has even been cultivating the superstar’s spouse Ms.Latha Rajinikanth.The BJP has been trying very hard to entice Rajinikanth into its Saffron folds and utilise him as the vehicle to reach its destination of capturing state power in Tamil Nadu.

Interestingly enough Rajinikanth though the most popular actor in Tamil cinema is ethnically not a Tamil. He is not even a South Indian though born in Bangalore now known as Bengaluru. Rajinikanth is a Maratha whose family hails from Mavadi Kadepathar in the state of Maharashtra. Hi given name is Shivaji Rao Gaekwad. The Gaekwads are of Kshatriya warrior clan lineage.His family moved to Bangalore/Bengaluru in the southern state of Karnataka during the British period.His father Ramoji Rao Gaekwad was a police constable.Rajini’s given name at birth Shivaji Rao was derived from the legendary Maratha warrior-king ” Chatrapathi Shivaji”.

Shivaji Rao Gaekwad

Shivaji Rao Gaekwad was born in Bangalore on December 12th 1950. He dropped out of school after completing his secondary education (SSLC) and after doing several odd jobs became a bus conductor. He began acting in Kannada stage plays as a hobby and made quite an impression. Encouraged by colleagues and friends he enrolled at the MGR Govt Film and Television Training Institute in Madras now known as Chennai in 1973 for a two year course in acting.He passed out in 1975 and was soon provided a major break by renowned Tamil film director K. Balachander who gave him three minor roles in three consecutive films. Shivaji Rao renamed as Rajinikanth made his film debut playing a very small but significant role in Balachander’s “Abhoorva Raagangal” (rare melodies) in 1975.

Balachander continued to give Rajinikanth roles in the Tamil and Telugu films directed by him. Other film makers too followed suit. In the early stages Rajinikanth played somewhat negative parts. But gradually he began getting positive roles. Soon he started playing lead roles.Rajinikanth began captivating film goers with his smart appearance, stylish movements, novel mannerisms, rapid manner of dialogue delivery and a strking penchant for uttering punchy one-liners. His stock began to rise from 1980 onwards and very soon the ex-bus conductor’s movies began breaking box-office records. He was dubbed the Super Star” of Tamil cinema.

Rajinikanth has in a career spanning more than four decades acted in 165 films. Over a hundred of these were in Tamil but the dusky demi-god has acted in Hindi,Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam films also. Rajinikanth has acted in one English film “Bloodstone”. Most of his films have been money spinners running to packed houses for weeks and weeks. He is arguably the highest paid actor in Indian filmdom and is reportedly paid over 50 crore Indian rupees and a share of the profits for a film. Rajinikanth is married to Latha Rangachchaary a Tamil Brahmin Iyengar woman.They have two daughters Aishwarya and Soundarya and three grandchildren.

Rajinikanth is a devout Hindu and a follower of the philosophy propounded by the miracle working ,scholarly Saint Shree Ragavendhra Swami. Not only has Rajini named the wedding hall he owns in Chennai as “Ragavendhra Kalyana Mandapam” but has also acted as the holy man in his 100th film”Sri Ragavendhrar”released in 1985. Moreover Rajinikanth has a custom of withdrawing frequently to the Himalayas and engaging in meditation. He is also a devotee of Shree Sabarimalai Aiyappan hill temple in Kerala. Rajinikanth has never hesitated to speak publicly about his religious and spiritual beliefs. Also the actor endorsed the BJP-AIADMK combine in one election without joining party ranks.This in turn has created an impression -unfairly perhaps- that Rajinikanth is a kindred soul of the ultra-Hindu rightist “Hindutva”school of thought. The BJP being a pro-Hindu political party opposed to secularism perceives Rajinikanth as a fellow traveller and has been trying to make him a full -time party leader in Tamil Nadu.

BJP’s Political Wooing

I have drawn attention to this prevailing state of affairs in an earlier column written for “Daily Mirror” in October 2014. In that article I referred to the BJP’s political wooing of Rajinikanth explicitly and wrote thus –

” It is unclear as to what Rajinikanth will do because he has vacillated several times in the past on this issue(joining BJP). Regardless of what Rajinikanth may or may not do, what is of interest here is that even a national party reigning at the centre is being compelled to seek the services of a popular film actor to galvanise itself and capture political power in the state. This is due to the peculiar course of politics in Tamil Nadu where the influence of cinema on politics has been of a phenomenal nature. Popular film personalities have enjoyed great support among the masses. The impact of cinema has been so great that one may very well quip that the way to a Tamil Nadu voter’s heart is through moving images on the screen. How this situation came about is a bizarrely unique story”.

‘It is against this backdrop that the BJP is now wooing Rajinikanth. Thus, the peculiar Tamil phenomenon of “movie politics” continues to dominate state politics and also impact on national politics as a whole. But with the dilution of Dravidian politics over the years, there is some expectation that the dominance of cinema in politics may get progressively weaker. This possibility, however, may be offset by the increasing Rajinikanth hype in the state. Rajinkanth is the reigning Tamil superstar, whose hold over the masses is reminiscent of MGR’s. He has a massive fan club behind him, which is exerting enormous pressure on him to enter active politics. At present, he has adopted a neutral stance but may change his mind if enticed successfully. Unlike the earlier Dravidian filmstar-politicians, Rajinikanth has a spiritual streak in him and takes his religion seriously. Analysts predict that if he enters the fray it may be on a Hindu nationalist platform, either in alliance with or as an integral part of the BJP”.

“Given Rajinikanth’s current popularity and the continuing scenario of filmstars dominating electoral politics, there is every likelihood that Tamil cinema will continue to hold sway over the region’s political future. Rajinikanth, however, signifies more than a mere continuum. The bus conductor from Bangalore is a shining example of individual achievement. As the super star himself said in one of his films(Baba) he would be “Late Aai Vandhalum Latest Aai Varuvaen!”(even if I come late I shall be the latest).

The above quoted paragraphs are excerpted from what I wrote in these columns in 2014 about Rajinikanth entering politics in Tamil Nadu. However after years of dilly-dallying, oodles of guessing games and perceived vacillation the D-day for decision taking arrived at last. Rajinikanth announced his entry into politics and though somewhat “late” became the “latest star” to do so in Tamil Nadu.

Ragavendhra Kalyana Mandapam

Rajinikanth has for some time been inviting his fans in batches to Chennai and seeking their views on whether he should enter politics and whether he should form his own party or not.On the last day of the last year (Dec 31st 2017) office -bearer representatives of Rajinikanth’s fan club network were summoned for an important meeting at the wedding hall owned by the actor in T’nagar Chennai – Ragavendhra Kalyana Mandapam. While thousands of fans along with hordes of media personnel awaited the magic moment with bated breath, Rajinikanth walked on stage clad in his customary white Kurta and Pajamas. The hall reverberated with applause, cheers,whistles and shouts of “Thalaivaa”(Leader). Rajini started speaking and within a few minutes came the historic announcement dispelling all doubts ” “Naan Arasiyalukku Varuvathu Uruthi!”( My entry into politics is certain).

Here are relevant excerpts from his announcement speech translated from Tamil into English.

“To those of you who are giving me life, people of Tamil Nadu, friends in the media, those who are watching me on TV, my love and wishes to you.First, I don’t know how to praise my fans. ……………….All of you have been disciplined, without disturbing anyone. This discipline is enough, we can achieve anything”.

“I am not scared of entering politics, I am scared of the media.Even big shots tremble with fear while facing the media, but I am still a baby, imagine how it is for me? Whenever I enter or leave my home, they shove their mics and ask me questions. If I say anything, it becomes a debate.”

“Now, I will come to the point.“Karmanye Vaadhika-raste, Maa Phaleshu Kadachana,” Krishna told Arjuna in Kurukshetra (Mahabharata). “You do your duty, I will take care of the rest. Go to war, if you win you will rule. If you die, you will die a hero.If you don’t go to war, they will call you a coward.I have already finished everything. I just have to shoot the arrow.”

“My Entry Into Politics Is Certain”

“My entry into politics is certain. (“Naan Arasiyalukku Varuvadhu Urudhi.)This is the compulsion of the times.In the upcoming state assembly polls, I will start my own political party, and contest in all the 234 constituencies in Tamil Nadu. Before that, the local body elections will be held. But there isn’t enough time, so we will not contest in that. As for Parliamentary elections, I will decide when the time comes.”

“I am not entering politics for money or fame. You have given that to me beyond my dreams, a 1000 times over. If I wanted political status, I could have taken the throne in 1996 itself. I refused it, saying I don’t want it. When I did not desire power at 45, do you think I would when I am 65? If I did, am I not a mad man. Will I be eligible to call myself a spiritual person?

“So, if not for political power, then what else?Politics has become very rotten. Democracy has decayed. The political events of Tamil Nadu in the past year has made every person in Tamil Nadu hang their head in shame. People from every other state are laughing at us.”

“At this point, if I don’t take decisive action, the guilt that I did not even attempt to do something good in a democratic manner for the people who have given me life, will haunt me till my death. It has to be changed, everything has to be changed. The time for political change has come. System has to be changed. We need truthful, honest, principled, transparent politics, not influenced by caste or religion, we need a spiritual politics(Aanmeeha Arasiyal). That is my goal, my desire and my aim.”

“I cannot do it alone. All Tamil people have to come together and support me.I know this is not easy, to contest elections and win. It s like diving into the deep seas for pearls.Only if we have the grace of God, the love, trust, respect and support of people, can we achieve this. I am fully confident that we will get the grace of God and the support of people.”

“In olden days, when Kings go to war and win, they plunder the coffers of the enemy. The commanders and soldiers will loot the people. Today, in the name of democracy people are being looted by politicians. They come to power and cheat people in several ways. Kings used to plunder foreign countries, here our politicians plunder our own country.This has to be changed, it has to be changed democratically.”

I Want “Kaavalarhal”(Protectors)

“The party worker is the most important part of any party. It is the party worker who becomes an MLA or MP or CM. But I won’t call them party workers. I don’t want party workers (Katchi Thondargal), I want “Kaavalarhal”(protectors). I want protectors who ensure that if we come to power, the people get what they are entitled to. I want protectors who do not go to MLA, MPs or officers out of self-interest. I want protectors who hold party workers, leaders and officers accountable, when we come to power.”

“I will be the people’s representative who will keep the protectors in check. I will be the representative of the people, who will select the right person for the right position at the right time. We need an army or protectors for this, and we need to create it.I have several thousand fan clubs, in village and cities all across the state. The unregistered ones are twice as many. We need to get the unregistered clubs registered, and unite them all together. This is an important task, and our first task.”

“This is not cinema, this is politics. It is not enough if we change, we need to bring others on board, including youngsters, women and children. Every corner of the state should have our club. This is our first task. Then we have to prepare for the democratic challenge with discipline and decorum.Till then, let’s not talk politics, this includes me. Don’t criticise other political leaders and parties until then. Don’t get into political activism. There are others who are there for that. There are already people in the political lake, and they have to swim otherwise they will drown. We know how to swim, but let’s not swim on the ground. When we get into the pond, we will swim.”

“We will prepare our army, and right before the state elections, we will launch the party, tell the people our plan of action, tell them what we can do and what we can’t, and if we cannot do what we promised, we will resign within 3 years.Truth, hard work and progress is our motto. My principle is to think good, speak good, do good, and good things will happen.Our army will be there in the next state assembly elections.Long Live Tamil Nadu, may the Tamil people progress.Jai Hind.”

A unique feature of the relationship between the movie stars of the Indian south and their fans is the proliferation of fan clubs (Rasikar Mandrangal). These clubs would hold special poojas in temples whenever a new movie of their matinee idol was released. Milk would be poured on cut-outs of actors and camphor lit. The clubs held annual conventions and also participated in social service projects. “Superstar” Rajinikanth too has an enormous fan club network. So huge was it that the super star stopped sanctioning and “officially” registering fan clubs since 1996-97. At that time there were over 50,000 fan clubs with a minimum membership of at least 25 each.Though Rajinikanth stopped sanctioning fan clubs since 1997 that has not deterred his rasikas from continuing to form fan clubs.This has resulted in thousands of “unofficial” Rajinikanth fan clubs with millions of members being set up in the past 20 years.

Rajini Mandram(Rajini Forum)

The official and unofficial fan clubs together comprise a formidable force. Rajinikanth’s first task after announcing his political entry has been the formal regularisation of these fan clubs both official and unofficial into one entity called “Rajini Mandram” (Rajini Forum). New entrants are invited to apply.Already the actor has a secretary and staff to coordinate his fan clubs. Now the staff has been further enhanced and functions broad based. A web site has been started in the name of Rajini Mandram to register members.It is said the new membership numbers have topped a million already.

Rajinikanth streamlining and developing his fan clubs into a single co-ordinated entity indicates that the superstar is emulating former Tamil Nadu chief minister MG Ramachandran (MGR) who transformed his fan clubs into party branches when he started his own political party. Rajinikanth is also going to transform his fan clubs into party branches when the time comes. He has not decided on a name for the envisaged party yet.It appears that the party logo would be a clenched fist with the fore finger and little finger thrust upwards. This is a famous gesture of Rajinikanth first introduced in the film “Baba”.

In the past there have been many false alarms about Rajinikanth entering politics. In 2002 for instance Rajinikanth acted in a film called “Baba”. The film story was narrated in a mode encouraging the political entry of Rajinikanth. A popular song “Shakthi Kodu” (Grant me strength) was sung by the playback singer Karthik while Rajini lip synched. The song was a virtual political declaration. In that song Rajini sang that he would not waver once he had decided and that he would not step back after he had stepped forward. However “Baba” flopped and the actor flipped. He abandoned his proposed political entry. There was a lot of hoopla about the actor getting into politics then but everything petered out with the superstar backtracking. This time however things seem to be different. After years of indecision and procrastination, Rajinikanth seems to have decided finally to take the plunge into politics.

The first political party to hail the move was – quite unsurprisingly – the BJP. The BJP Central Govt state minister of Finance and Shipping from Tamil Nadu Pon.Radhakrishnan and BJP Tamil Nadu state leader Dr.(Mrs) Thamizhisai Soundararajan issued statements welcoming Rajinikanth’s advent into active politics on Sunday Dec 31st itself. The Tamil Nadu BJP welcomed Rajinikanth’s decision to start a political party with State president of the party ,Dr. Soundararajan, praising the actor for his aim of eradicating corruption in Tamil Nadu through his political entry.

“Aanmeeha Arasiyal”(Spiritual Politics)

This was but natural as the ultra-right Hindu nationalist forces known as the “Sangh Parivaar” (Family of Associations/Groups) had been hoping for long to ride to power in Tamil Nadu by hitching the “Hindutva” wagon to the Rajinikanth star. The Hindu -right forces hoping to ride piggy back on Rajini are the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the allied Sangh Parivar comprising Hindu nationalist organizations like the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and the Hindu Munnani (HM). The Hindutva movement hopes to absorb Rajinikanth into their ranks after the actor launches his party. The BJP is likely to align with Rajinikanth’s party in electoral politics first and then gradually draw him in further. The BJP is on the lookout for an acceptable “new face” to lead a joint front in Tamil Nadu and Rajinikanth with his “Aanmeeha Arasiyal” (spiritual politics) seems to fit the bill perfectly. Rajini clarified that he meant “Honesty and Transparency” devoid of caste and religion by the term “Spiritual politics”.

However not everyone from the BJP camp was elated over Rajinikanth.BJP “maverick” parliamentarian Dr.Subramanian Swamy had a different take on the matter. Speaking to the news agency ANI, Swamy said, “He (Rajinikanth) has only announced that he is entering politics. He had no details or documents. He is illiterate. It is only media hype. The people of Tamil Nadu are intelligent.” Dr.Swamy further added that he will ‘expose’ Rajini.Speaking to reporters, he said, “Rajini is an uneducated man. What will he tell us? This is a just an age-old story of another Tamil actor joining politics. I will always oppose Rajinikanth.”

Dr.Swamy added further “This is a joke, Tamil Nadu requires something serious. The mood in Tamil Nadu is to get rid of all the film stars in politics. Rajini is entering politics at the wrong time and place. He should be worried, in fact, that all his black money trail will come into the limelight. The people of Tamil Nadu will not fall into Rajini fan clubs’ song and dance. Fans club cannot become a political outfit.”

Subramanian Swamy’s derisive dismissal of Rajinikanth’s political future and his assertion that film star fan clubs cannot become a political outfit evokes a sense of Deja Vu. In 1972 the actor -politico MG Ramachandran known by the magic letters MGR broke away from the DMK which was ruling Tamil Nadu then. The chief minister at that time Muttuvelu Karunanidhi was himself a drama actor,playwright and cinema script writer and lyricist.


As stated earlier a unique feature of the relationship between the movie stars of the Indian south and their fans was the fan club network. M.G. Ramachandran(MGR) had been encouraging the phenomenon of MGR fan clubs from late 1940s onwards, and the clubs ended up as a well-knit federation that counted its membership in the millions. When MGR entered active politics, his fan clubs were in turn politicised and soon became an indispensable component of the DMK propaganda machine. In MGR’s case both spheres mutually reinforced each other — film popularity providing political mileage and political positions strengthening film popularity.It was not long before MGR was rewarded with political office. MGR was made first an Upper House member of the state legislature. Later he contested the State Assembly elections directly and won continuously in each election from 1967 to 1985 until his death in 1987.

The DMK first formed the administration in Madras state re-named by the party as Tamil Nadu in 1967. The popularity of MGR within the DMK party and Tamil Nadu state caused major convulsions. In a bid to counteract the phenomenon, the then chief minister Karunanidhi encouraged his son M.K. Muthu to enter movies. The father, while in office as Chief Minister, wrote the story and dialogue for Muthu’s first film ‘Pillaiyo Pillai’ (Oh, What a Son) in 1972. Muthu fan clubs were set up overnight, with father Karunanidhi’s backing.

MGR, realising what was in store, engineered a split within the party in 1972 on the grounds of corruption charges against the incumbent DMK regime which he was part of. Incidentally, MGR did not have any problems in setting up new party structures —he merely converted his fan clubs into party branches. MGR formed the Anna-Dravida Munnetra Kazhagham (ADMK) after splitting from the DMK in 1972. He later amended it to All-India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagham (AIADMK).

MGR incurred much mirth among political pundits when he stated that his party ideology was a blend of “capitalism, socialism and communism”. MGR had the last laugh on his detractors when his party romped home as winners in 1977. MGR became Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. His followers who dubbed him earlier as “Puratchi Nadigar” or ‘Revolutionary Actor’ now hailed him as “Puratchy Thalaiver” (Revolutionary Leader). MGR was elected Chief Minister again in 1980 and 1985 after his party won at the polls. He died in harness as Chief Minister in 1987.

Film Industry “Black Money”

Given this successful MGR precedent, there is every chance that Dr. Subramanian Swamy may be proved wrong by Rajinikanth.As in the case of MGR, Rajini too is aiming to mount an anti-corruption campaign to cleanse public life in Tamil Nadu. The irony in this is that both MGR and Rajinikanth as film actors were/are part of systemic corruption in the state. The film industry thrives on “black money” and actors get paid a nominal sum legally and large amounts of cash illegally. It is part of the film production system. Therefore it is indeed ironic when actors who got rich on black money claim to clean up the system. MGR’s rule eventually surpassed his predecessor Karunaidhi’s rule in Corruption. The corruption which prevailed under MGR paled into insignificance when compared to his successor Jayalalithaa Jayaram who too was an ex-actress. Thus Rajinikanth professing to clean up Taml Nadu and bring about a corruption free Tamil nadu has to be taken not merely with a pinch of salt but a whole fistful.

A main reason for Rajinikanth’s announcement now is that the political climate seems ripe for his entry. AIADMK supremo Jayalalithaa Jayaram has passed away and her party though ruling the state has fractured into four factions led by ex-chief minister OS Panneerselvam,Present chief minister Edappaadi Palaniswamy, Jayalalithaa’s “Uyir Thozhi”(life friend) Sasikala Natarajan ( currently in jail) who was also appointed AIADMK interim General Secretary and Jayalalithaa’s niece Deepa Jayakumar. The BJP central govt has “unified”the Panneerselvam -Palaniswamy factions temporarily and is manipulating the AIADMK state govt like a puppet on a string. The recent by-election at RK Nagar saw Sashikala’s nephew TTV Dhinakaran contesting as an independent and defeating both the AIADMK and DMK candidates. It’s a fragile situation for the AIADMK administration in Tamil Nadu. Chief minister Palaniswamy’s days are numbered.

The DMK too is not doing well. Party leader and former chief minister M. Karunanidhi who is 94 years of age is ailing and confined to a wheel chair. The one time powerful orator who has led the DMK from 1969 has lost his powers of speech. Karunanidhi’s son MK Stalin has donned the leadership mantle but there are strong doubts whether he can deliver. The recent RK Nagar by election was a shock to the DMK. It was expected that the DMK would win because the AIADMK votes were split betwen the official candidate and the dissident independent candidate. In spite of split votes the independent candidate came first and AIADMK candidate second. DMK finished a poor third.Of course the “cash for votes”syndrome was rampant.

Attempts by smaller parties including the leftists to form a common front as a third alternative failed miserably at the 2016 polls. Casteist parties have a community vote bank but are unable to transcend those barriers. The BJP and Congress have again and again demonstrated that their national appeal does not work in Tamil land. Against that backdrop it could be surmised that a political leadership vacuum exists in the state. There is a need for change from 50 years of Dravidian politics.Rajinikanth with his millions of fans may very well step in and become a political force to be reckoned with

Cinematic Chief Ministers

At least five persons connected to cinema have been Tamil Nadu chief ministers in the past. CN Annadurai and M.Karunanidhi wrote film scripts for films. MGR, his wife Janaki and paramaour Jayalalithaa acted on screen. In that context Rajinikanth in the future could become the sixth Tamil Nadu chief minister with a cinematic background. Nothing however is certain because actors like Sivaji Ganesan, Bhagyaraj, Ramarajan, Sarathkumar,Seeman and Vijaykanth could not become as successful as actors MGR and Jayalalithaa were in politics and reach the pinnacle.

There is also the fact that Rajinikanth is neither a Tamil nor a south Indian.The Malayalee MGR grew up in Tamil Nadu and was active in politics for decades before forming a party and becoming chief minister. Besides Malayalam is a Dravidian language.Rajinikanth is a non -dravidian Maratha whose origins are from the Maharashtra state and is one who grew up in Karnataka..Also Rajinikanth has not been engaging in active politics or public life as MGR did for years Rajinikanth moved to Tamil Nadu only to foster his film career. He is virtually a “parachutist” in the political milieu of Tamil Nadu. It is doubtful whether the “outsider”Rajinikanth with his brand of spiritual politics (Aanmeeha Arasiyal) will be welcomed by the more ethno- nationalist Tamils of the stare.

It is however too early to gauge the chances of Rajinikanth becoming the future chief minister of Tamil Nadu. He must form and register his political party and outline his principles and policies first. Furthermore it remains to be seen whether Rajinikanth will align himself with the BJP or not. Tamil nationalists and secularists fear that the Hindu ultra-right elements would utilise the “spiritual politics” of Rajinikanth as a Trojan Horse to establish themselves in “Dravidian”Tamil Nadu. Even though Rajinikanth fans are ecstatic, there is likely to be strong backlash against the actor if and when he contests polls.

Influential “Thalaiver”(Leader)

Under these circumstances the question of whether Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth will become the chief minister of Tamil Nadu or not cannot be answered conclusively at this juncture. One certainty is that the entry of Rajinikanth into politics will electrify the political climate of Tamil Nadu. Whether he becomes chief minister or not, Shivaji Rao Gaekwad alias Rajinikanth will remain a significant and influential “Thalaivar”(Leader) in the Tamil Nadu political scene.(ENDS)

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