Counsel MA Sumanthiran Objects On Conflict of Interest Grounds to ASG Farhana Jameel Appearing for All Respondents in FR Petition Case Filed Against Attorney-General’s Dept by Central Bank Senior Manager

The Fundamental Rights (FR) petition filed by a Senior Manager of the Central Bank, complaining about the intimidation, threats and insults he suffered at the hands of senior officials of the Attorney General’s Dept, came up on Friday (10) before a Bench comprising Justices Sisira De Abrew and Vijith Malalgoda.

Previously, two judges including Justice Sisira de Abrew had declined to hear the matter, as they knew some of the Respondents. The Members of the Commission of Inquiry are also named as Respondents in this case.

The matter was then re-fixed for support on Nov.21, to enable the Chief Justice to constitute a Bench, to hear this case. M.A. Sumanthiran P.C. appearing for the Petitioner, objected to Additional Solicitor General Ms Farzana Jameel appearing for all the Respondents, on grounds of creating multiple conflicts of interest.

The Governor and members of the Monetary Board are also cited as Respondents. Counsel further stated that this case itself raised the issue of conflict of interest on the part of the AG’s officers acting as Officers Assisting the CoI, and now one Counsel appearing for all the different sets of Respondents further compounded the matter.

In his application, Petitioner pleaded cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment at the hands of some of the Respondents.

Courtesy:Sunday Times