DIFFERENT YET EQUAL:Come and Stand With us For a Free, Equal and Peaceful Sri Lanka,


Come and stand with us for a free, equal and peaceful Sri Lanka, at 4.30pm, on 15th August (Monday) 2016, on Bauddhaloka Mw (past Arcade near the traffic lights leading to Independence turn-off).

WE ARE… Sri Lankan citizens from diverse backgrounds unified in our desire for a just and democratic country. We represent ourselves here as concerned, responsible citizens committed to building a society in which our different ethnic, cultural, and religious identities are celebrated equally.

WE BELIEVE… All individuals are equal and have an equal place in a plural and democratic Sri Lanka. We can and must contribute to making this a reality for all.
We denounce the incitement of racial or ethnic hatred, which is also often sexist and homophobic, by any group or individual and stand in solidarity with all those so targeted.

WE WANT… Each and every one of us, as well as politicians and political parties, religious and educational authorities and institutions, and the media, to take responsibility for creating an environment conducive for respect, healing and reconciliation.
We want the government, especially the judiciary and law enforcement officers, to promote equality and unity in diversity, act against those responsible for the incitement of hate, and take concrete steps to prevent the recurrence of these acts in the future.


– To show our solidarity as people of all identities who stand together in the spirit of unity, equality and peace.

– To denounce any statements made, by any individual or community that incites intimidation, hate, and violence against other individuals or communities.

– To further comradeship and goodwill towards building a just and democratic Sri Lanka for all.
Bring your friends, family, colleagues, and others to show your support for an equal and peaceful Sri Lanka.

Come and stand with us!