Canada’s Prime Minister Elect Justin Trudeau Follows in the Footsteps of his Father Pierre Elliott Trudeau.


Justin Trudeau

“I knew that the challenge I would be facing all my life would be having people think that I expected anything to be handed to me in politics because of my last name.” JUSTIN TRUDEAU


•Born in Ottawa on Dec. 25, 1971 to Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister at the time, and the former Margaret Sinclair.

•Raised in Ottawa and Montreal.

•Married Sophie Grégoire, a childhood friend and former television host. The couple has three young children.

While Mr. Trudeau is the product of two political families — his maternal grandfather, James Sinclair, was a cabinet minister — Mr. Trudeau came late to politics.

After a childhood spent in the public gaze, Mr. Trudeau disappeared from view for several years, studying English and French literature at McGill University in Montreal and working as a snowboard instructor and nightclub bouncer before becoming a high school teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Mr. Trudeau returned to the public’s attention 1998 after his brother Michel was killed in an avalanche.

He delivered the eulogy at his father’s funeral, which was broadcast live, two years later.

His political career started in 2007, when he began a successful campaign for Parliament in a Montreal electoral district that did not have a recent history of backing the Liberal Party.

In April 2013 he became the Liberal leader, 45 years and one week after his father had won the post.

The party’s financial fortunes have improved substantially since then, and Mr. Trudeau recruited several high-profile candidates for this year’s election.

Tall and athletic, Mr. Trudeau boxes once or twice a week.

Courtesy:New York Times