President Sirisena was Elected to deal With Matters of the State and not SLFP Matters


Nimalka Fernando

Today I am giving expression to the deep frustration within me as I read the so-called amendments to be introduced at the Committee stage coined by craftsmen to make crafty moves to further confuse the proceedings. These amendments are going to be introduced by some senior citizen’s of the political world who are incessantly murmuring the mantram that ‘we will come back in three months’.

I hear them assuring their supporters with this promise. Those who bravely decided to change the political journey of this country knew they were doing so with death standing at their door-step. Mahinda Rajapaksa and his brothers did not build their “Vampire State” for nothing. The high frenzy action mobilisation which is symbolised by waving a different ‘national-flag’ should not go unnoticed. Those senior politicians who led the demonstration cannot tell us that they were so excited and did not know what happened.

Gammanpila a lawyer and Dulles a seasoned campaigner know the significance of this ‘unitary state campaign’ they are launching. This is the game plan as researched with the support of the Mahinda Rajapakse study circle. They are building the new manifesto minus the minority and in essence the core political message of the 20th amendment has to be viewed within this framework.

I remain committed to the ‘manape’ system. But it is my belief that the present moves by the SLFP are not moving this amendment because they love neither us nor the motherland. They love themselves and are besotted by the powers and privileges enjoyed in the past. They worshipped Mahinda Rajapaksa just twelve months ago and joined President Sirisena clasping their hands receiving the various Ministrial portfolios.

The level of looting and corruption level of the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime is now symbolised by the value of the ring which got lost (later found) inside the Parliament. They protested apparently urging the new government to respect their leader.

He betrayed the very General who helped him to win the war? What did he do with the sacks of gold allegedly robbed from the areas of war, espeicially from Mullaithivu and surrounding areas? What did he do to protect a poor government servant who was assaulted by a Cabinet Minister and who was also tied to a tree and forced the person to admit that he tied himself up? Did he act against this Minister who went on to claim that he made journalists to flee the country? The former President remained indecently silent when his own colleague, Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra was killed. The regime even sent sleuths from the Criminal Investigation Department to record a statement from their erstwhile friend Vasudeva Nanayakkara, the former minister in effect to threaten others. All Cabinet ministers shut their mouths afterwards. Some were assassinated in broad daylight like Lasantha and Raviraj. Raviraj and Joseph Pararajasingham were parliamentarians. Whose privileges were violated then?

These political leaders had no backbone to launch a ‘satyagraha’ when Mahinda Rajapaksa sold thousands of hectares of land to China. Where were they when the Port City Project was signed? Day dreaming inside the coziness of the Cabinet? What have they to say about “Siriliya Katha”, the Dame of Medamulana having some unbelievable identity card numbers and Bank accounts? Who benefitted from the Dame’s Fund? What happened to the funds of the Nil Balakaya and the so- called “gifts” given to the youth leader? It was only very recently a former Minister of the Rajapakse era shared these stories at a local meeting in Kurunegala. SLFPers present had all left this meeting silently after this revelation.

As I stated in the earlier article Mahinda Rajapaksa avatar knows only one thing. He knows how to inculcate fear. Muscle power inside the Parliament. We are sincerely urging him to bring order into the `fake crisis’ created by MR to capture his lost kingdom. MR and his lot allegedly violated multiple elections laws, used violence and “bought votes” misusing State resources to come to power. Given an independent and free election dozens in the United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) would have lost. According to the former President they have not robbed the country. They have administratively over utilised the resources abusing power. Who is covering the expenses for the mobilisations in support of the brothers and the political thamashas of MR?

Looking at the rallies and surveys conducted by them now to make plans for the come back I firmly believe that a conspiracy is on against the sovereign people of Sri Lanka.

They still want to enjoy something more than simple immunity. This is because Rajapaksa believes in his own ‘lost kingdom’ theory. Undoubtedly they are fighting back. This is not a struggle for democracy you and I as simple citizens want to cherish. If the situation were so simple the Rajapaksa team could have waited until the next election and contested it. Ordinary people are perplexed. The politicians have become active.

Gammanpila is threatening to come to the streets. These people are meeting day in and day out. Are they developing strategies to end poverty in Sri Lanka? No. They want to show force by this type of parliament sittings. They are ready to make parliamentry democracy a mockery. If they had respected parliamentary Democracy in 2010 the 18th amendment would not have seen the light of day. Look at the way they are using facilities provided by the new government including their family members.

The MR regime sold the very soul of mother Lanka and her rich resources cheaply and made her the unique display in the China shop have exposed us to regional vulnerabilities. Those supporting them are deliberately concealing this conspiracy by pointing their crooked fingers towards the West.

It is the people who voted for President Sirisena who liberated Sri Lanka from the clutches of looting forces of the dragon. We have thereby denounced all forces eyeing our beautiful island. The people of Sri Lanka has taken the proper political decision always.

Our struggle is to establish democracy and not to bring back Mahinda Rajapaksa. Sri Lanka needs a fresh beginning. We need a new parliament. The ‘politics of deals’ must come to an end Mr President. Let the voters decide the future of the Executive Presidency.

President Sirisena was elected to deal with the matters of the State and not the matters of the SLFP. He has to deliver the promise given to hold elections. He has to come before the people and expose the cheating going on inside the political well as MR forces delays the removal of powers of the executive presidency. This is his time to prove true statesmanship. Be the leader we all respected as he left the folds of the ‘rogue regime’.

Mr President, mother Lanka now need a true leader, a man who will stand up to these ugly pressures and dissolve the parliament. Mr President they are waving fake olive branches. They are waving fake national flags flouting the Constitution. The plot is to send you alive seven feet below into the political abyss as you lose the popularity and stature becoming a prisoner of the mess that is SLFP.

We want a better system of governance, peace and reconciliation to be established, to put an end to abuse of power and corruption. The rape of Mother Lanka including her daughters have gone unpunished. These criminals have to be brought before the Courts of the people. Justice and accountability for all have to be established.

The future of our country rests upon building a new vision and activism based on a new leadership able to end the ‘rogue regime’ culture that still lives within the cracks and corners of the Sri Lankan State. We cannot afford the dark ages of Sri Lankan politics to return again and remain silently for the return of the Vampires.

Courtesy:Daily FT