“Bring Back Oh Bring Back, Bring Back my “Bonnie” Mahinda Rajapaksa to me, to me”


Don Manu

There are certainly a great number of people in the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, ministers and MPs included, who would give their right arm to have former President Mahinda Rajapaksa back in the saddle of power. Most of these men are those who made good while the Rajapaksa sun shone which darkened the land but lit their private purse.


Most of them are the rogues, the scum bags the incorrigibly corrupt who stole the people’s money but whose crimes against the people went unpunished due to their allegiance to the Rajapaksa clan. These are the crooks now clamouring to get a front seat on the ‘Bring Back Mahinda Bandwagon’ and await his resurrection to be absolved of their original sin.

These are the thieves in Ali Baba’s cave who deviously claim that the 5m odd votes Mahinda Rajapaksa garnered at the last election is still burning a hole in his pocket, and exist even today, even after the man has been exposed and his myth has exploded. On the basis of their logic, Sarath Fonseka who gained 4,173,185 against Mahinda Rajapaksa in the 2010 presidential election can still boast he has a 4m vote bank.

With their day of judgment nearing closer they wait for the third advent of their leader. It is, they know, their only salvation from nemesis that will soon be visiting their door. And in their frenzied haste to see the return of the prodigal, they have piled on the praises, sung his hosannas and seem to have effectively duped the former once savvy president to believe that the people, at least the SLFP, still want him. Like in the days of old, these unscrupulous hangers on have successfully made a sucker out of Mahinda once again.

On Friday, whilst on his way to attend a wedding, Mahinda Rajapaksa stopped at the Madurawala Pradeshiya Sabha in Horana. There he told the media that the ‘true’ SLFP was with him and that he was the onethat protected its policies. He should have added ‘protected its people’ for good measure which at least none can deny he did in abundance.

It may surprise him to know that what the public consider the true SLFP to be is the one headed by President Maithripala Sirisena as President of the party, Anura Priyadharshana Yapa as its secretary and Nimal de Silva as its leader in parliament. And that this SLFP has decided to form a national government and has also taken a party decision to ban any elected SLFP member from attending any of those ‘Bring back Mahinda’ rallies.

Unless of course the deposed president was referring to the other SLFP as the true SLFP that is still with him: the Sri Lanka Fraudsters Party in which, along with the rogues, drug dealers, rapists, murderers, is perhaps also found a Mahinda appointed Senior Vice President of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party, former Minister Karuna Amman better known as former LTTE terrorist Karuna — all of them trying to save their skins and escape divine retribution by crooning ‘Oh Bring Back Bonnie MR to Me”.

Courtesy:Sunday Times