Maithri will be Sworn in Today as President at Independence Square Event by Refuses to take Oaths Before Chief Justice Mohan Peiris.

Common Candidate of the opposition Maithripala Sirisena Mr. Maithripala Sirisena is to be sworn in the evening of January 9th as the new President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, leader of the Opposition Ranil Wickremesinghe said.

The newly elected Presdident is to take oaths before Supreme court Judge K. Sri Bawan at Independence Square this evening(9th) at 6 pm.

After taking oaths, he will extend an open invitation to every members of Parliament, including the UPFA MPs, to join his 100 day programme to introduce much needed democratic reforms to the country.

Also, the new President will appoint a multi-party cabinet as part of his 100 day programme.

It is learnt that he will appoint UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe as the Prime Minister after taking oaths as President on Jan 9th.

A spokesperson of then opposition said that every step made by the Common Candidate will be in accordance with the 100 day programme presented to the public by the Common Opposition prior to the presidential election

Early next week, the new President will appoint an Advisory Council to devise constitutional amendments to ensure democracy in the country. The council will have the representation of members of political parties and civil organization.

The Parliament will be convened following the setting up of the Advisory Council.

Speaking at a media briefing, Wickremesinghe said that he met with President Mahinda Rajapaksa early this morning, and the President had conceded his defeat.

He also said that President Rajapaksa had spoken to Mr. Sirisena and spoken of a smooth transition of power.

Mr. Wickremesinghe urged all parties to not to partake in any act of violence, and said that he had spoken to the Inspector General of Police, and requested to take stern action against any individual who was found guilty of breaking the law.

“There can be no revenge or vengeance. The law should and will be strictly enforced against any person who indulges in any act of violence” he said.

(Compiled from news reports in the “Asian Mirror” and “Daily Mirror”)