Muslim Congress Chairman Basheer Segu Dawood Writes Letter Wishing President Rajapaksa a Convincing Victory at Elections

Productivity Promotion Minister Basheer Segudawood who resigned from his portfolio and quit the UPFA government along with other SLMC members to support the common candidate has extended his good wishes to President Mahinda Rajapaksa for a convincing victory at the forthcoming Presidential election.

Segudawood in a letter addressed to the President has said he is submitting his resignation letter at a sensitive moment when a decisive presidential election is to be held.

He has said his resignation does not imply any displeasure or suspicion about the President’s leadership.

He said it was his view that the President had rendered a sterling service to Sri Lanka during the last nine years as an Executive President.

Segudawood said the President had accomplished a task which dogged other Presidents by ending a 30 year war.

As a patriotic citizen, the President had rendered a great service to foster peace among all people and he would never forget this achievement during his entire lifetime. Segudawood said he was forced to resign because he had to abide by the decisions taken by his party the SLMC, and did not want to be tagged as a person who betrayed his party in the eyes of the Muslims and a person greedy for power.

Segudawood said given this complicated situation he would request the President not consider him as a person who undermined the confidence placed in him.

While thanking the President for appointing him as a minister in 2013 and giving him all other privileges, Segudawood has said he treasured the support and guidance extended by the President to run his ministry efficiently and improve productivity.

He said while praying to Almighty God to provide protection and safety to the people of this country including the Muslims during this period of uncertainity he believed the President too would be there to ensure this.

Courtesy:Daily News